Leaked iPhone 8 Case Side-By-Side With iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Shows Potential Form Factor Of Apple's Upcoming Flagship

Just recently, a purported iPhone 8 factory mold surfaced on the web, pictured side-by-side with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, giving a hint on the possible size of Apple's long-rumored flagship.

Now, Japanese blog Macotakara has obtained an alleged iPhone 8 case, putting it side-by-side with last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Sandwiched between Apple's two current iPhones, the iPhone 8 appears to be just a tad smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus and just a tad bit larger than the iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 Case Leaked

The blog adds that the case first showed up via Alibaba, a popular Chinese ecommerce website. It's evident that the case's design aligns with previously leaked schematics and molds, so there's nothing genuinely groundbreaking about this leak. Yet one can argue that rumors, especially when they're supported by a series of evidences, can look more and more legitimate overtime.

For instance, the positioning of the case's camera lines up with rumors suggesting the iPhone 8 will come with dual cameras stacked in a vertical fashion. This has been reported for quite some time now, although as to why Apple is shifting to a vertical position is still unclear. Is it an aesthetic or a technical choice? No one knows for sure yet.

Because of its vertical alignment, the power button has been slightly pushed down so as not to interfere with the cameras.

In terms of size, the iPhone being in between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been suggested before. Keep in mind, however, that although the flagship seems just slightly larger than the iPhone 7, it'll feature a significantly bigger screen, thanks to its rumored bezel-less display.

Macotakara says that the iPhone 8 case appears to be slightly thicker than the iPhone 7, but keep in mind that this is a case, so it's obviously thicker than the actual iPhone 8 body.

Also, there's no Touch ID cut out to be seen anywhere, suggesting that the fingerprint scanner won't be relocated on the back of the phone. Could it be integrated underneath the screen as some rumors suggest? It's hard so to say, but removing it entirely seems unlikely.

iPhone 8: What The Rumors Say

There has been a great number of iPhone 8 rumors making the rounds over the past few months, with the chief rumor suggesting that it'll be the most radical iPhone design yet. The bezel-less display on its own could fulfill that description, but apparently, wireless charging is also reportedly on the cards — both features will be new to iPhones, if so.

Earlier this week, a hands-on video of what appears to be a dummy iPhone 8 unit made the rounds, offering an extended look of the device's design and size.

As always, one should take all rumors with a grain of salt, no matter how seemingly legitimate they appear. Still, it's pretty interesting to get a firsthand look at the rumors before Apple officially unveils the flagship this fall.

Thoughts on the leaked iPhone 8 case? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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