Abigail From 'Final Fight' Will Join The 'Street Fighter V' Roster This Month

Abigail from Final Fight is the newest character coming to the Street Fighter V roster, releasing as the fourth of six DLC characters planned for the Season 2 character pass of the fighting game.

The announcement was made at EVO 2017, the largest fighting game competition in the world, where Trunks was also unveiled as playable character in the highly anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Abigail To Shake Up 'Street Fighter V'

Final Fight's Abigail is from the Mad Gear gang. Another hulking member of the gang, Hugo, previously appeared in the franchise in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, but it is now Abigail's turn to wreak havoc.

The Street Fighter V Abigail appears to be a massive bruiser, and is apparently the largest character that the fighting game franchise has ever seen. His arrival in Street Fighter V on July 25 will mark the first time that he appears in the franchise.

Also coming to Street Fighter V on July 25 is the Metro City Bay Area, Abigail's stage. The date will also see the arrival of Street Fighter V retro costumes, specifically for Alex, Ibuki, and Juri.

Alex will receive a costume that resembles his look in Street Fighter III, with longer hair and green pants. Ibuki's retro costume is also inspired by her Street Fighter III design, while Juri follows her look from Street Fighter IV.

There will also be two new Street Fighter V stages. The first stage is the Kanzuki Family Stadium, while the second stage is Street Fighter II's Suzaku Castle, which was Ryu's home. The former can be purchased for $9.99 or as part of the $25 Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Premier Pass, which also includes access to the Capcom Cup 2017 and Capcom Pro Tour 2017, a monthly challenge to acquire in-game money, formal outfits for Ryu and Ken, and a Guile costume designed by Capcom Cup winner Du "NuckleDu" Dang. Meanwhile, it remains unclear how the Suzaku Castle stage can be acquired.

Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Pass

Abigail is the fourth character in the Season 2 character pass for Street Fighter V, following the iconic boss Akuma, Russian martial artist Kolin, and Balrog protégé Ed.

The Season 2 character pass is being sold for $30. For players who do not want to buy the pass but would like to unlock Abigail as a playable character, there is an option to purchase the new fighter by using the currency collected in-game.

The two remaining characters in the Season 2 pass will be revealed later this year.

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