Microsoft Rolls Out Surface Plus Program: Customers Will Get To Upgrade Their Surface Device Every 18 Months

Microsoft has rolled out Surface Plus, a program that will make it easier for customers to own Surface devices and upgrade them regularly.

Microsoft's Surface line of devices, including the Surface Pro 2017, contributed to strong fiscal fourth quarter earnings, and with the Surface Plus program, more customers will be able to enjoy them.

Microsoft Launches Surface Plus Program

The Microsoft Surface Plus program, which was announced through an official Windows blog post, offers flexible financing options that will enable the Surface experience for more people and businesses. It takes a page out of the financing deals that wireless carriers offer to subscribers for smartphones.

Under the program, which covers the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Studio, customers will be able to purchase a Surface device through a 24-month payment plan with no interest. For example, the cheapest Surface Pro with a price tag of $799 can be paid off at $33.29 per month for 24 months, which is a lot lighter on the pocket.

Customers who avail the Surface Plus program and its 24-month payment plan will also be allowed to upgrade to the latest Surface model after 18 months into the program. The only requirement for the upgrade is that customers will have to give back their 18-month-old Surface device, which should be in good condition, and agree to a new 24-month payment plan for the new Surface device.

Availing the Surface Plus program will grant customers access to service and support, including a Surface training session, from Microsoft Stores. Customers will also be granted a 30-day return window, and can choose to avail the Microsoft Complete extended service plan.

Small and medium-sized businesses, meanwhile, can avail the Surface Plus for Business program, which allows them to acquire as many Surface devices as they needed in any mix of models in a single agreement. In addition to the aforementioned Surface computers, Surface Plus for Business will also include the Surface Hub. Contracts for 24 months will allow businesses to upgrade their devices at 12 months, while contracts for 30 months will allow upgrades at 18 months.

The Surface Plus program is currently only available in the United States through the physical and online stores of Microsoft.

Microsoft's Surface Devices

The Surface Pro is viewed as a better laptop replacement compared to its chief rival in the space, Apple's iPad Pro. The tablet offers the specifications, ports, and software to allow customers to ditch their laptops in favor of the device.

The Surface Laptop, meanwhile, is Microsoft's take on Google's Chromebooks. The computer is powered by Windows 10 S, a competitor to Google's Chrome OS.

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