Spotify is making its way into the Xbox One soon, a huge deal for owners of the console who have been waiting for the music streaming service to arrive for years.

The Spotify app has been available for the PlayStation 4 since 2015, and two years later, there are finally signs that the service will soon be added to the console's library of apps.

Spotify On Xbox One: Here Are The Clues

Rumors regarding the arrival of Spotify for Xbox One started when Redditor Geralt_De_Rivia spotted Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb, more popularly known as Major Nelson, using the music streaming service's app on the console. The Redditor uploaded an image on the official Xbox One sub-Reddit as proof.

Some users were skeptical of the image, but further proof was uploaded on the sub-Reddit by Redditor GhostlyCrowd. He posted a screenshot of a June announcement on the MS Partner Training portal that Xbox version of Spotify was indeed on its way, despite the risk that he might be violating a non-disclosure agreement.

The confirmation that Spotify is really coming to the Xbox One was acquired by The Verge from sources familiar with the plans of the music streaming service and Microsoft. The app is said to be undergoing internal testing, and will arrive to the console soon. Unfortunately, no specific date has been revealed for its launch on the Xbox One.

Spotify will likely replace Groove Music, a music streaming service that Microsoft launched as Xbox Music in 2012. Sony discontinued its Music Unlimited service on the PlayStation in 2015 when it introduced Spotify for its console, and Microsoft is expected to do the same once the Spotify on Xbox One launch is ready.

The Expansion Of Spotify

Spotify recently made its way to the Windows Store as a desktop app for Windows 10, but not as a Universal Windows App that would have also made it available on the Xbox One. With its pending addition to the console, the music streaming service will be present in the two major consoles in the video game industry.

In June, the number of users on Spotify per month surpassed 140 million, the biggest in the music streaming service industry, thanks in part to its ad-supported model that is free to access.

With Spotify receiving stronger challenges from rivals such as Apple Music and possibly new entrants such as electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, the company is reportedly thinking about creating Spotify hardware, including wearable devices and smart home devices.

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