Xbox One X ‘Won’t Sell So Well' Because It's Too Pricey, Says Analyst

Microsoft's forthcoming Xbox One X console stands to be the most powerful gaming machine ever released thus far, and only few question that.

But more power makes for a more expensive device, which is exactly the reason why known video games industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks it won't sell well.

Xbox One X Market Performance

Undoubtedly, the Xbox One X is a beast of a machine, boasting components that make true, native 4K gaming possible. It can play Xbox One titles with improved performance or graphics, and its specs will make any PC gamer question themselves.

How it will perform in the market, however, remains uncertain. Other factors at play such as Nintendo Switch's increasing popularity and the PlayStation 4 being cheaper will certainly cause a dent in sales to some extent, and gamers are certainly still trying to figure out whether they'd be willing to shell out extra cash for 4K gaming. Add to that fact that there aren't that many 4K games yet. Apart from raw power, it can be argued the Xbox One X summons very little interest.

Pachter says, however, that its lack of games isn't the problem, the price is.

"I think it won't sell so well because it cost twice as much as PlayStation 4," he said. He notes that the price of an Xbox One S and PS4 these days hovers around $249 to $299, and that they're almost always bundled with a game.

"[Y]ou kind of have to be a moron to pay $299 for a console now and not get a piece of software for free which does have a perceived value of 50 bucks."

There are many comparisons to be made when looking at the most popular consoles today, including the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, the Switch, and soon, the Xbox One X. The Switch is technically exempt from this equation because it'll create a new market for itself, catering to those who want hybrid systems. The rest are just consoles that sit underneath one's TV set, at the end of the day just machines that can play games. Sure, the Xbox One X seems much more sophisticated in its approach to 4K than the PS4 Pro, but the question is: apart from diehard gamers, who will care?

Microsoft Thinks The Xbox One X Won't Underperform

The price will certainly be the most significant deciding factor in all this, but Microsoft has expressed confidence that its new console won't tank even with its $500 price tag. It seems its target audience is the person who buys and plays a lot of games, because they're often rich people who want the most premium experience, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

The Xbox One X launches Nov. 7.

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