Leaked PlayStation 4 Update Release Notes Reveal A Much-Needed Feature For Twitch Streamers

Sony is remaining quiet about the PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0, but in an era of constant leaks and speculation, there's bound to be some tidbits here and there. Fortunately, Eurogamer has obtained the firmware's release notes, revealing interesting additions included in the forthcoming update.

PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 5.0: What's New

The biggest thing in the new firmware is the option for PS4 Pro players to stream via Twitch at 1080p resolution and up to 60 fps. This is great both for those who frequently broadcast their gaming PS4 gaming sessions on Twitch and audiences who will see them. Sure, this feature is not at all new for Twitch streamers on PC, but it's a welcome, if late, addition.

Twitch streaming at 1080p 60 fps will be limited to those running firmware 5.0 on a PS4 Pro.

The release notes hint at other changes. Firmware update 5.0 overhauls the master/sub account system and brings the ability to follow any user without sending friend requests, or fearing you might max out your friends list. The update also brings notifications to the quick menu.

The Xbox One has long allowed users to follow anyone they wish, so it appears Sony took some notes from Microsoft. Right now, only verified accounts can do this, including official accounts for games, developers, and several YouTube channels.

So why is Sony suddenly applying such changes? Well, openness. It wants to "encourage more sharing of content and more interactions." So yes, gone are the friend limits and verification requirements just to follow anyone. Users, meanwhile, can choose who can follow them — friends or not. Blocking users will also become a possibility.

Parental Controls

The new firmware also contains great new options for parents to seize more control with how kids play the console. New family accounts can include multiple adult accounts in a family, set parental controls for each account, which can set limits to usage, content viewing, and other forms of communication.

Be wary that while Eurogamer has a sterling reputation with leaks, everything stated above still belongs to the speculation category, unless Sony decides to drop hints. There's still no public release date for firmware update 5.0, but reports say Sony will launch it alongside a new PlayStation app with improved performance and design.

Sony announced firmware update 5.0 back in July, but it hasn't uttered any significant news about it since. It's allowing interested users to test the beta in the meantime, although it's not guaranteed everyone will get in. Selected players will get a voucher code to get things running.

The latest firmware is PS4 4.50, released this past March. Its most significant addition was "Boost Mode" for PS4 Pro players.

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