'The Amazing Eternals' Combines 'Overwatch' And 'Hearthstone' Into A Free-To-Play First-Person Shooter With Cards

The Amazing Eternals, the next project of Warframe developer Digital Extremes, is a free-to-play game that combines the hero shooter mechanics of Overwatch with the digital card game elements of Hearthstone.

That might sound a bit hard to imagine at first, but the first trailer for The Amazing Eternals provides a glimpse of how these seemingly clashing genres can work together.

'The Amazing Eternals' Gameplay: Part 'Overwatch' And Part 'Hearthstone'

In the announcement trailer posted on the game's official website, Digital Extremes showcased some of the features of The Amazing Eternals.

The first thing that stands out in The Amazing Eternals is the 1970s retro-pulp art style of its graphics, followed quickly by the unique gameplay that it offers.

"The Amazing Eternals will take players on a journey through a multiverse that begins on the starting square of a mystical board game," Digital Extremes states through the game's description.

Borrowing from the hero shooter genre popularized by Overwatch, players will be able to choose from different characters, each with their own unique skills. Then borrowing from the digital card game genre popularized by Hearthstone, players are able to create customized decks that will provide them with weapons, abilities, and other perks that will help them beat their opponents.

The result is the unique The Amazing Eternals gameplay that, judging from the trailer, definitely works. Being a free-to-play game, it will actually be likely compared not to the pay-to-play Overwatch but to fellow free-to-play hero shooter Paladins.

The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta: Here's How To Join

Digital Extremes actually ran a closed alpha test over the summer, and the game is now ready to move into closed beta phase. The developer will distribute closed beta keys through various websites starting Sept. 1 to grant access, though players can also sign up in The Amazing Eternals official website for a chance to join.

For players who are willing to shell out for instant access to the game's closed beta, they can join The Amazing Eternals Founders Program. Most details of the program are still hidden, but it will likely be similar to what Digital Extremes did for the free-to-play Warframe. Founders of The Amazing Eternals will be able to log on to the closed beta earlier, starting Aug. 29.

After the launch of the closed beta, Digital Extremes will showcase The Amazing Eternals from Sept. 1 to Sept. 4 at PAX West in Seattle, Washington, for the game's first public appearance.

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