Sony has rolled out the PlayStation 4 system update 5.0 beta, giving PS4 owners a good glimpse of what's in store for the console.

PlayStation 4 users who were chosen to participate in the beta should have received an email containing instructions on how to download the update, the contents of which might make the PS4 feel like an all-new console for some gamers.

For the benefit of all gamers who are not part of the beta program, Sony PR manager Andrew Kelly broke down the contents of the PlayStation 4 system update 5.0 in a post on the console's official blog.

PlayStation 4 Pro Twitch Streaming

The improvement to Twitch streaming on the PlayStation 4 Pro, previously reported in leaked release notes for the update, is one of the highlights of the system update. Starting with PlayStation 4 version 5.0, the PlayStation 4 Pro will support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch, placing the video quality of the console at par with the PC.

Other broadcast feature updates include the ability to bind a user's community page to his or her broadcast and a new setting that can display spectator comments during a PlayStation VR broadcast to not only appear in cinematic mode, but also in VR mode.

PlayStation 4 Parental Controls

The other highlight of the leaked PlayStation 4 system update 5.0 release notes are the revamped parental controls, renamed as Family on PlayStation Network.

In the new software version, new family accounts can accommodate multiple adult accounts, with customized parental controls able to be set for each child, including usage and game age ratings allowed.

PlayStation 4 Friends List

With the update, users will be able to create Custom Lists for their Friends on the console. The example that Kelly gave for an application of the feature is creating a list of friends who play Destiny, to make it easy to send a raid invite to all of them at once.

PlayStation 4 Notifications

Users will be given a new setting to disable PlayStation 4 pop-up notifications while watching a TV show or movie on the console, preventing the pop-ups from distracting viewers. There will also be a new option to deactivate message previews, which hides the sender's online ID and will show a generic user icon and message as an alternative.

Other PlayStation 4 Changes

The update will also allow users to share music through Messages, change the color of pop-up notifications to black, access Notifications from the Quick Menu, and an improved tournament bracket viewer. The update will also add support for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai, and Vietnamese as language options for the system.

An All-New PlayStation 4 For Some Gamers

Looking at the list of contents for the PlayStation 4 system update 5.0, Twitch streamers and parents get the most beneficial updates, as the console is transformed to better suit their needs.

However, the rest of the changes should not be ignored, as they will collectively improve the gameplay experience for PlayStation 4 owners once the update is released to the public.

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