Neo Geo Classic 'Windjammers' Flies To PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita Next Month: What's New With The Frisbee Fighting Game Port?


Neo Geo classic Windjammers will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on Aug. 29, DotEmu marketing manager Arnaud de Sousa revealed through an official PlayStation blog post.

Windjammers for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is not only a direct port, though, as DotEmu, a retro game restoration studio, also added a few new features to the game.

Windjammers For PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

The port of Windjammers was announced in December at PlayStation Experience, but it did not get as much attention as other titles present in the event such as Knack 2, The Last of Us 2, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

It is now Windjammers' time to shine, with its Aug. 29 release date revealed by De Sousa as he narrated the development of the port of the classic title.

According to De Sousa, Windjammers is a straightforward game. Players use only two buttons to go head-to-head with an opponent, as the characters engage in an action-packed frisbee version of Pong. However, while the mechanics are simple, Windjammers also offers layers of complexity to test the skills and strategies used by players.

DotEmu collaborated with the vibrant Windjammers community in France and hosted a closed beta from June 8 to June 12 on the PlayStation 4 to make sure that they get the port right. The collaboration with the French Windjammers community and feedback from beta testing allowed the studio to further improve many aspects of the game. DotEmu has eSports aspirations for the game, but it will first focus on its upcoming launch.

While waiting for Aug. 29 to roll around, excited gamers can check out a new trailer that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the six Windjammers characters. The trailer also provides a good glimpse of the gameplay of Windjammers, for those who have not yet seen the frisbee fighting game in action.

What's New With 'Windjammers'?

Windjammers will come with updated features that include improved graphics, better graphic fidelity, five game modes, online multiplayer matches, and the ability to create competitive leagues.

DotEmu also teamed up with Fangamer and Wham-O for official Windjammers merchandise, which will also be available starting Aug. 29. The items include T-shirts, caps, and pins featuring Windjammers style, plus an official Windjammers frisbee for gamers who would like to try out the sport in real life.

Windjammers certainly shows its age, but it remains very fun to play either casually and competitively. Titles like that will always have a place in the gaming community.

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