Menat The Fortune Teller Set To Join 'Street Fighter V' Roster: What Do We Know About The All-New Character?

Menat, the Eyes of the Future, will soon be added to the growing Street Fighter V roster through an upcoming DLC.

If you have not heard of Menat before, that is because the fortune teller is an all-new character in the long-running Street Fighter franchise. Here is what we know so far about her.

Meet Menat Of 'Street Fighter V'

Capcom revealed Menat as the fifth DLC character for Season 2 of Street Fighter V during the Top 8 matches of the Hong Kong eSports Festival, with the video now also uploaded to various online channels.

The fortune teller was featured in the story mode of Ed and is speculated to be the apprentice of Rose. True to her description, Menat carries with her a crystal ball, and her attacks are heavily based on the item, according to Event Hubs's Jonathan Grey. Menat uses her crystal ball for a variety combos and mix-ups, and even uses it as a juggling tool. The character has a dive kick that appears to be effective in baiting the opponent to throw.

Other information about Menat that can be learned from the trailer that revealed her is that the fortune teller has a sliding attack, a move that reflects projectiles, and a V-Trigger that summons six orbs that can be used in conjunction with her crystal ball to attack her opponent.

Menat was speculated as far back as May as an upcoming character for Street Fighter V, as the silhouette that Capcom used to tease the next fighter resembled the fortune teller in the story mode of Ed. She will have three looks: her standard costume, her story mode costume, and her battle costume. She will be the 27th character on Street Fighter V, and the eighth new character featured in the game.

Admittedly, that is not much information on Menat. Fortunately, players will not have to wait long before they get to know more about the all-new character, as she will be available for download starting Aug. 29.

'Street Fighter V' Season 2 Character Pass

Menat arrives at Street Fighter V as the fifth character in the Season 2 Character Pass of the fighting game, following Abigail from Final Fight who was added last month.

The first new character in the season was the demonic Akuma, followed by Kolin and Ed. There is one more character that Capcom will release under the Season 2 Character Pass, the identity of whom is currently still unknown.

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