The New York Police Department has confirmed that it will get rid of 36,000 Windows phones and have those replaced with Apple's iPhone by the end of the year.

NYPD To Dump Thousands Of Windows Phones For The iPhone

The transition is more than a switch of preferred brands. The NYPD is actually forced to upgrade since Windows phones are already obsolete and can't be updated, according to the New York Post.

The report adds that the city purchased Windows-based Nokia smartphones as part of a $160 million NYPD Mobility project, which Mayor Bill de Blasio called "a huge step into the 21st century."

But just months after deploying the phones to officers, officials are now planning to replace all models with iPhones, according to several sources. It makes sense, too, since Microsoft has essentially made Windows phones defunct. In July Microsoft officially announced it's ending support for Windows Phones.

All Windows Phones out in the market will no longer receive updates or technical support — such a phone is certainly a big no-no for lots of people, especially for someone who enforces the law.

The NYPD bought two phone models in October 2016: the Nokia Lumia 830 and the Lumia 640 XL, which launched in 2014 and 2015, respectively. At the time of purchase, several excellent phones were already available: the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, and even the OnePlus 3. Yet the NYPD chose the Lumia phones.

These phones were slightly different than mainstream consumer models; they had special 911 apps, case management apps, and police officers received assignments via the device.

Some tech publications and experts expressed their disappointment when the NYPD chose Microsoft phones instead of something that ran Android or iOS, two of the most popular operating systems in the market.

The decision to go with Windows phones was made solely by the NYPD's deputy commissioner for IT, says the New York Post. Apparently, no experts were consulted before implementing the program.

NYPD iPhone Switch: Which Model?

The NYPD failed to specify which iPhone model it plans to give its cops, but if it's worth mentioning, it will switch to iPhones long after the iPhone 8 is released. It's unlikely the NYPD is aiming for the latest iPhone version, however, since last time it went for much older Lumia models. Also, with the rumored iPhone 8 $1,000 price tag, it seems highly unlikely for the NYPD to buy handsets with that kind of price.

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