Meet Pacifi, a Smart Pacifier that Sends Your Baby's Temperature to Your Smartphone


BlueMaestro has just launched a new device that revolutionizes the way a baby's temperature is determined. Dubbed as Pacifi, it is touted as the first pacifier in the world that can actually monitor the temperature of a baby and delivers the data to an iOS or Android-based app found in a parent's mobile device or tablet.

Pacifi works by using a built-in temperature sensor that is nestled in its silicon teat. The gathered temperature data is then transmitted to an app found in an iOS or Android device through Bluetooth. Afterwards, the app determines the time when a temperature data is most accurate, time-stamps it, and plots it in a graph.

Knowing the baby's temperature can allow parents to perform other tasks that will help them remain organized, regularly updated and constantly reminded as far as tracking temperature is concerned. They can easily put on record the various timings of their baby's medication. They can also create alerts or reminders and share the information with medical doctors and other health professionals.

"The ability to plot the effect medication has on temperature is particularly useful, no more scrambling for a pen and paper or trying to remember in your head," said BlueMaestro. "With useful reminders and alerts it becomes a peace of mind at stressful times. Comes with a range of other useful features, such as the ability to find the pacifier with your smartphone as well as a proximity feature that alerts your smartphone if the pacifier moves away from you."

Pacifi works with Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices that run iOS 7 and Android 4.3 respectively. It is powered by a low-energy Bluetooth Smart chip which allows the battery life to last over a year. It is waterproof, dishwasher-proof, and comes in a variety of colors.

Surrey-based BlueMaestro is a leading company in the designing and developing of connected products and solutions. Apart from working on the creation of Pacifi, the company is also developing a host of innovative products and solutions, most of which have pending patents.

The device can be purchased from the official site of BlueMaestro at a retail price of $39 (£25; €30). Its availability begins on the first day of December this year.

There's no information available yet to confirm on whether the device works solely for babies or it can also work on adults if the purpose for using it remains the same, that is, getting one's temperature.

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