The Galaxy Note 8 is the most successful Note smartphone Samsung has released thus far, if early preorders are any indication. Reports say the Note brand still waves its flag proudly, despite the fiery chaos of yesteryear when Note 7 devices started exploding randomly.

The fiasco became a turning point for Samsung. Rarely can a company ever recover from such a taxing, brand-damaging catastrophe. But it survived. Barely a year later, the Galaxy S8 came out, which Samsung had made sure wouldn't explode. It was a comeback story with a happy ending: Now, the Galaxy S8 continues to sell well, Samsung remains a beloved brand, and the Galaxy Note 8 is on the horizon.

Customers Don't Really Care About The Note 7 Disaster Anymore

People seem to have forgotten the whole troublesome Note 7 period entirely — or if they do remember, they don't care. The company has now announced that more U.S. customers have preordered the Galaxy Note 8 than any other Note phones it has ever sold previously over the same period.

Tim Baxter, Samsung's North American CEO and president, says he's thrilled.

"Today's consumers want to do bigger things in work and life, and Note helps make that possible. We built the Galaxy Note8 for people who desire a device that lets them be productive and allows for self-expression."

Preorders for the Galaxy Note 8 opened on Aug. 24. It's the most expensive Note phone to date — in fact, it's the most expensive phone in the market, if one excludes luxury or special edition phones that cost a ton.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freebies And Offers

To soften the blow of its $930 asking price, Samsung has set in place a few special extras. For one, customers who preorder before Sept. 24 can choose between a free Gear 360 camera or a wireless charging bundle, and what's more, past Note 7 customers are eligible for a huge discount if they trade in their current device to get a Galaxy Note 8.

Some carriers have taken it upon themselves to offer deals too. T-Mobile has one where if a customer signs up for a new line, they'll get a full rebate on a second Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung failed to disclose just how many preorders for the Galaxy Note 8 have been placed, but keep in mind that before the whole fiasco, the Note 7 were quite popular among Samsung fans. It seems that did very little to dissuade consumers from buying the Note 8, even with the astronomical price.

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