Blizzard Teases 'Overwatch' Halloween Event: What New Skins Are You Hoping For?


Blizzard has released a teaser for this year's Overwatch Halloween event, continuing the trend of reviving last year's seasonal events.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 is coming next week, and players are already looking forward to what this year's edition of the event will bring to the massively popular multiplayer shooter.

'Overwatch' Halloween Terror 2017 To Launch Oct. 10

Blizzard uploaded a teaser for this year's Overwatch Halloween event with a very short video and a poem of sorts.

"The nights grow cold, and monsters appear. A great evil gathers, and Halloween draws near," the poem stated. It doesn't look like it holds any definite clues to what players can expect from the upcoming event, aside from the fact that Halloween is indeed coming soon.

The video, meanwhile, offers a glimpse of what are likely two news skins for McCree and Reaper. Reaper looks like he is a vampire, while McCree looks like some sort of hunter, so maybe a vampire hunter?

The short video ended with a logo for the event featuring the Junkenstein skin of Junkrat, as well as the planned launch date of Oct. 10 for Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017.

What To Expect From The 'Overwatch' Halloween Event?

Earlier this year, Blizzard brought back the Summer Games. The Summer Games 2017 event of Overwatch featured new skins that include Widowmaker in a bikini, McCree as a lifeguard, and Soldier: 76 on the grill while also bringing back last year's skins to allow players to purchase anything that they missed. The event also brought back Lucioball, an entertaining game mode that has players all using Lucio in a Rocket League-like soccer match, but with a few updates.

Players will likely see more of the same with Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017. There will be several new skins, including the two skins featured in the teaser video and last year's Halloween skins, which include Pumpkin Reaper and Witch Mercy, will likely be made available again in the in-game shop.

Blizzard will also likely bring back Junkenstein's Revenge, which was arguably the best part of last year's Halloween event. In the game mode, four players as Ana, Hanzo, McCree, and Soldier: 76 team up to take on a horde of incoming enemies, including Junkrat, Mercy, Reaper, and Roadhog in their Halloween skins. It is unclear whether this year's Junkenstein's Revenge will follow the same formula and if there are any tweaks that will be made to make the game mode even more fun to play.

Players are already excited for Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 and are speculating on what the new skins will be.

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