Super NES Classic Edition Hack Adds Dozens Of Games: Here's How To Install It


Nintendo packed the Super NES Classic Edition with 21 games, one of which is the never-before-released Starfox 2.

However, a set of 21 titles is still kind of limited, and the thing is with the console, users can't just pop in any original SNES cartridge or expand the game library in any way — that is to say, through any official means.

How To Install Super NES Classic Edition Hack Hakchi2

The Super NES Classic Edition hack that is the Hakchi2 comes from the Russian coder ClusterM. It's available on GitHub, and it's fairly easy to install.

Step 1: Download the program.

Step 2: Run the .exe file.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions.

That's pretty much it, but getting into the details, it'll flash the console's kernel. That means there's a possibility the software will brick it. In other words, caution is advised.

There's also a slightly different rule for old users to avoid complications during the installation, but the only difference is that they have to revert the console to stock state first before installing the custom kernel. To do this, just use the "Uninstall" feature found in the "Kernel" menu.

ROMs Not Included

Just like emulators, it needs ROMs, which are the games, and it's up to the user to scour the interwebs for them.

Now the Super NES Classic Edition has a whopping 300 MB of internal storage, and SNES games are typically around 2 MB apiece. To put two and two together, users can load hundreds of games onto the console, as the preinstalled games from Nintendo take up only little space.

Speaking of which, Nintendo isn't exactly okay with things like ROMs and emulators since they are illegal, after all. At that, the saying "use it at your own risk" applies here.

Past beyond all that, adding games is a cinch. There's even an option to edit the box art and other metadata of each game that's loaded up to the Super NES Classic Edition, allowing them to look streamlined among the official preloaded titles.

One extra bonus of sorts is that Hakchi2 allows the user to assign a shortcut to button on the controller to open up the system menu. Without it, users have to press a button on the console to bring up the menu, and that's just a tad inconvenient at times.

As for NES Classic Edition owners, we have another guide to install a similar hack to add more games.

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