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Nintendo Switch Online Is Successor To Virtual Console, Confirms Reggie Fils-Aime

Sorry, Nintendo fans: Virtual Console is really dead, Reggie Fils-Aime just confirmed. Replacing it is the upcoming Switch Online service, which is still currently a wellspring of mystery.

Video Games June 20, 2018

NES Classic Edition Returns On June 29: Is This Why There's No Nintendo Switch Virtual Console?

The NES Classic Edition will be back in stores on June 29. Nintendo kept its promise to restock the retro console, but is this part of the reason why there will be no Nintendo Switch Virtual Console?

Video Games May 14, 2018

Virtual Console On Switch Is Dead, Nintendo Confirms

Abandon all hope for Virtual Console games on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo just got rid of the branding altogether but it doesn’t older games are being ignored.

Video Games May 9, 2018

Konami Releases TurboGrafx-16 Games For The Wii U, Even Though It's Already 2018

Gamers are baffled by Konami's decision to continue its Virtual Console releases for the Nintendo Wii U. Its already 2018, but two TurboGrafx-16 games saw their first release outside of Japan.

Video Games February 4, 2018

The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers: Is 'Super Smash Bros.' Coming Next?

The last Nintendo Switch update quietly added GameCube controller support. Does this mean that the massively popular fighting series 'Super Smash Bros.' franchise is coming next to the hybrid console?

Video Games October 25, 2017

Nintendo Switch Classic Game Selection Is Not A Virtual Console Replacement

Nintendo has now confirmed that the Switch Online’s Classic Game Selection will not replace the Switch Virtual Console. Still, more questions remain unanswered, such as the availability of the retro gaming service, transferring purchases, and more.

Video Games June 3, 2017

Nintendo Is Requiring A New 3DS To Play Super Nintendo Games, And Some Fans Aren't Happy About It

Fans got excited about Super Nintendo games arriving on the 3DS eShop, until they learned they couldn't buy them without the newest hardware.

Geek March 4, 2016

‎Pokémon Red, Blue And Yellow Won’t Let You Save Restore Points On 3DS Virtual Console

Sorry, ‎Pokémon fans - ‎Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow will not have Restore Points on 3DS Virtual Console, based on the Japanese Virtual Console manuals published by Nintendo. These game titles are slated to land on the Virtual Console next month.

Video Games January 22, 2016

Sorry, Retro Gamers: No More Game Boy, SNES Games Coming to Nintendo's Virtual Console

Game Boy or Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games will not be coming to Nintendo's Virtual Console. Many gamers may think that re-releasing a game for VC is very straight forward but it is not.

Video Games October 12, 2015

Is Nintendo's Virtual Console Ditching The SNES In Favor Of The Nintendo 64?

Nintendo's Virtual Console has long been home to games from the 16-bit era, but that may soon change - it may be time for the Nintendo 64 to claim the throne.

Geek April 25, 2015

'Duck Hunt' Arriving for Wii Christmas Day

Nintendo has announced it will release the classic 1980s game 'Duck Hunt,' which will be downloadable to Wii U through Virtual Console. The game is set to be released on Dec. 25.

Video Games December 19, 2014

Nintendo 64 games will make jump to Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo announced that Nintendo 64 games will soon be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. The online gaming platform only previously showcased titles from the NES and SNES consoles.

Video Games June 22, 2014

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