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Hidden NES Emulator Discovered In 'Animal Crossing' For Nintendo GameCube

Security researcher James Chambers discovered that the in-game NES in 'Animal Crossing' for the Nintendo GameCube looked at the console's memory card whenever it is accessed. Apparently, the digital console is a full-fledged NES emulator.

Video Games July 13, 2018

Nintendo Switch Hack Enables Nintendo 64, GameCube, And Game Boy Advance Emulation

A hacker has proven that the Nintendo Switch is capable of running Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance emulators. Will this eventually lead to Nintendo Switch piracy?

Video Games July 8, 2018

YouTuber Builds Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition: Will It Really Happen Soon?

YouTuber Nintendrew built his own Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition, a mini version of the console like the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition. Will the device ever become a real thing?

Video Games May 6, 2018

'New Super Mario Bros.' And More Nintendo Wii Games Will Be Available On Nvidia Shield In China

'New Super Mario Bros.' and other Nintendo Wii games will be available on the Nvidia Shield once the Android-powered set-top box is rolled out in China. Will the titles also arrive to other Android devices?

Video Games December 6, 2017

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Support Surprised Everyone ... Even Nintendo Itself

The addition of GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch surprised everyone, and apparently including Nintendo itself. Does this mean that 'Super Smash Bros.' is not yet coming to the hybrid console?

Video Games October 29, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers: Is 'Super Smash Bros.' Coming Next?

The last Nintendo Switch update quietly added GameCube controller support. Does this mean that the massively popular fighting series 'Super Smash Bros.' franchise is coming next to the hybrid console?

Video Games October 25, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Flawlessly Emulates GameCube Titles: Where's The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console?

Nintendo is taking its time in releasing the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch. While owners of the console wait, a demonstration revealed that the Dolphin emulator works flawlessly on the Samsung Galaxy S8 for playing GameCube titles.

Video Games April 11, 2017

Reboot This: Capcom's 'Viewtiful Joe'

Capcom's stylish 2D brawler Viewtiful Joe reminds us why movies, and games, are so much fun.

Geek February 20, 2015

Reboot This: IO Interactive's 'Freedom Fighters'

In a sea of third-person shooters, 'Freedom Fighters' stands tall with its focus on simple yet effective squad mechanics and haunting atmosphere. It deserves a reboot.

Geek January 30, 2015

Nintendo 3DS reborn as New 3DS: What you need to know

Nintendo has just announced the "New Nintendo 3DS" and "New Nintendo 3DS XL." The new versions of 3DS handheld console line have an upgraded processor, extra buttons and NFC support.

Video Games August 31, 2014

New Nintendo 3DS adds second analog stick and more

Nintendo unveils its newest iteration of the 3DS, and it comes with a number of big improvements.

Geek August 29, 2014

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