The Google Cheeseburger Emoji Debate Is Ripping Up The Internet: Here's What It's All About


Who knew that a cheeseburger emoji could generate so much debate? That's exactly what's happening right now with Google, in a discussion that has now involved CEO Sundar Pichai.

The internet is now being ripped apart because of the Google cheeseburger emoji. Here's what the fuss is all about.

Google Cheeseburger Emoji: Is It Wrong?

Thomas Baekdal, the founder of Baekdal Media, tweeted the difference between the cheeseburger emojis used by Apple and Google.

The cheeseburger order of ingredients that Apple used for its emoji was bun, tomato, cheese, patty, lettuce, and then bun. The order that Google used, on the other hand, was bun, lettuce, tomato, patty, cheese, and then bun. The comparison ignited a massive debate between cheeseburger lovers on the perfect way to assemble their beloved snack. Baekdal's tweet has been tweeted nearly 14,000 times as of the time of writing, with over a thousand users chiming in with their views on the topic. Users also started taking a look at the cheeseburger emojis used by other technology companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Huawei. Even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was looped into the mix with his "perfect burger tutorial" that ordered the cheeseburger at bun, tomato, patty, cheese, lettuce, and then bun.

Pichai Joins The Fun

The cheeseburger emoji debate has escalated to the point that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has joined in on the fun.

Google certainly has a lot of things on its plate right now, including the launch of the Google Play Store bug bounty program and the poor audio quality and screen burn-in issues with the Pixel 2 XL. The cheeseburger emoji debate, however, seems to be more important than everything else that Pichai is willing to "drop everything else" to fix it.

Pichai said that Google will re-order its cheeseburger emoji once an agreement is reached on the matter. However, that increasingly looks like it will never happen. Scrolling through the many tweets related to the matter, cheeseburger lovers are nowhere near coming to a consensus.

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