With Windows Phone 8.1 on the horizon, Nokia is preparing two new devices for 2014 that will be powered by the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system. According to Evan Nelson Blass, who goes by the Twitter handle @evleaks, the devices Nokia is prepping  are codenamed "Goldfinger" and "Moneypenny," with the former featuring '3D Touch' technology that allows user to interact with the smartphone without touching the display.

'3D Touch' is basically something similar to what Samsung has done with Air Gesture feature in the Galaxy S4. What it does is allow the user to control the mobile device through specific hand movements above the touch sensor. With the new and upcoming '3D Touch' feature, users will have the ability to control their Nokia smartphone with gestures made with their hands or fingers. We're not quite certain how useful will this feature be, because Samsung's integration of the ability in the Samsung Galaxy S4 asn't done well so far.

However, Nokia fans won't have to wait for the release of the new smartphones to try out '3D Touch,' as Windows Phone 8 users with a high-end Nokia device should have the ability right now to get an idea of what Nokia might be thinking of releasing to the public. In a recent update, Nokia brought forward a feature called Glance, which allows the user to wave at their Lumia handset to see the time, and 3D Touch will probably let Nokia take this much further.

According to The Verge, a source who's familiar with the developments, claim that users will be able to use hand gestures over and at the side of the handset. We understand that gestures over the display is possible, but gestures from the side would be something completely new and would also make for a 3D experience. However, it is not certain if Nokia is planning basic gesture capabilities or something much deeper that goes beyond scrolling a webpage or taking the phone out of standby.

If Nokia is aiming to make gestures a new trend, the company must delve into the advanced gesture areas to keep users coming back for more instead of just turning off the feature after 5 tries.

Windows Phone 8.1 is scheduled to make its first appearance at Microsoft's Build conference in April 2014. We won't be surprised if Nokia showcases the new devices at the event or soon thereafter.

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