Collecting PlayStation Trophies Will Now Earn You Money To Buy More Games


PlayStation trophies, which used to be nothing more than digital items that backed up your bragging rights, will finally really mean something to players.

A Sony Rewards program update allows players to earn points from the trophies that they collect. The points can then be redeemed to receive real money, which they can use on the PlayStation Network to buy more games.

How To Trade PlayStation Trophies For PlayStation Network Funds

A new section of the Rewards Passes page of the Sony Rewards official website shows that players can earn points by collecting silver, gold, and platinum trophies on the PlayStation Network. PlayStation games give away trophies to players after they complete certain achievements, with the trophies going to platinum the harder they are to get.

Under the program, 100 silver trophies can be exchanged for 100 points, equivalent to a point for each silver trophy, while 25 gold trophies can be exchanged for 250 points, or 10 points for each gold trophy. Players can also exchange 10 platinum trophies, the hardest ones to get in games, for 1,000 points, or 100 points for each platinum trophy.

Players can then redeem 1,000 points into a $10 PlayStation Network voucher, which can be used to buy content such as more games. However, before players can transform their trophies into points, they need to sign up with the Sony Rewards program and have their PlayStation account linked. This means that current trophy collections will not count toward the ones that can be redeemed for points.

Unfortunately for global gamers, the part of the Sony Rewards program that allows trophies to be exchanged for points is currently limited to players in the United States. There is currently no word on whether it will be expanded to gamers in other nations.

The Perfect Time To Start Your PlayStation Trophy Collection?

The exchange rate for trophies into points is not at all lucrative, as it will take a lot of completed achievements before players can rack up enough PlayStation Network cash to get a game for free. However, racking up a little money from PlayStation trophies is better than no money at all, so players are recommended to sign up for the Sony Rewards program as soon as they can.

The release of Star Wars Battlefront II is just around the corner, and players may earn a lot of trophies from the game's single-player and multiplayer modes. Monster Hunter: World, coming January 2018, will also be rife with trophies with its open-world nature.

PlayStation 4 sales are still going strong too, despite challenges from the upcoming Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch. This means that there is no shortage of players who can earn a bit of money by simply playing games on the console.

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