Every job search begins with a necessary evil: crafting the perfect resume. Well, maybe not perfect, but at least decent. Either way, figuring out what to put in and where can be quite difficult. There's simply too much information that must be condensed in a single blank page.

Thankfully, Microsoft is making it a little less painful.

Introducing Resume Assistant For Microsoft Word

The company's acquisition of LinkedIn has finally borne fruit in the form of "Resume Assistant," a new feature coming to Microsoft Word that'll help users type up a suitable resume.

It will automatically detect when a person is creating one and begins offering suggestions or tips on how to make the resume better. Tips and suggestions will come from LinkedIn, of course, which is perfect since it boasts a vast network of job openings and resumes.

The assistant will even let users see how others describe themselves. What's more, it'll also indicate which skills and strengths most employers are looking for in an applicant.

The assistant will also show job openings that match the user's resume directly from within Word, which puts them in contact with recruiters and employers.

"With this integration, you'll get the inspiration and resources to craft a compelling resume directly within Microsoft Word, and you'll see relevant job opportunities on LinkedIn that are personalized for you," LinkedIn said in a blog post.

How It Works

Starting is easy. After inputting the desired role and industry, LinkedIn will pull insights from millions of member profiles to show how professionals with similar roles in that field describe the work they do. In addition, Resume Assistant will also show which skill sets they have, at which point users would be able to promptly add those skills to their resume.

Resume Assistant Rollout

Resume Assistant will be rolling out to Office 365 Insiders beginning this week and will become available to non-Insiders "in the coming months." It will first roll out to users living in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, UK, and the United States.

"Microsoft and LinkedIn are committed to empowering professionals — both in their current jobs and over the course of their career — with innovative new tools that bring together the world's largest professional cloud with the world's largest professional network," Microsoft said in a blog post.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion in December 2016.

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