The Nintendo Switch finally has its first video streaming app, a feature that was present for its predecessors Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U.

The video streaming app that arrives first to the Nintendo Switch is not Netflix, however, as the distinction goes to Hulu.

Nintendo Switch Hulu Now Available

Hulu confirmed the launch of its video streaming app to the Nintendo Switch in a blog post, directing users to the Nintendo eShop to download it.

The Nintendo Switch receives the full Hulu app, with owners of the hybrid console able to access both its $7.99 service and its $39.99 Hulu with Live TV plan. Once installed, Hulu subscribers will see the same interface that they are familiar with from other platforms, with the Lineup and Keep Watching lists on display.

The Hulu app for the Nintendo Switch, however, does not support touchscreen controls. This is despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch is a touchscreen device, and Hulu has used a touchscreen interface before. Instead, users will need to navigate the app using the Joy-Cons.

The Nintendo Switch is the ideal hardware for parents allowing children to enjoy video streaming apps though. Kids on the Nintendo Switch will not accidentally make calls and send messages, and because of the lack of an internet browser, they will not be able to access anything beyond games and Hulu. Parents can also set up a password for the Nintendo eShop to make sure that their children do not make any unwanted purchases.

Is Nintendo Switch Netflix Coming Next?

Hulu arrives to the Nintendo Switch eight months after its release as the hybrid console's first video streaming app. The absence of video streaming apps upon launch was driven by Nintendo's desire to classify the Nintendo Switch as a gaming-first device, to differentiate it from products such as tablets. This was why the focus at first was solely on Nintendo Switch games.

The arrival of Hulu, however, likely means that the wait for non-game apps is coming to an end. The first sign for this was the announcement of the spring 2018 release of Korg Gadget, a music production app, on the Nintendo Switch.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other video streaming app may release their respective apps for the hybrid console soon, which would further expand the appeal of the Nintendo Switch. It is really shaping up to be the perfect travel companion, with the option to play games while in transit and presenting many more entertainment options once in the hotel room.

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