Should You Upgrade To iOS 11.1.1? Here's A Look At What's Inside


Apple has rolled out iOS 11.1.1, an update to iOS 11.1 that added 70 new emoji to the mobile operating system.

iPhone and iPad owners have complained about various issues on iOS 11 and its several versions. As such, every new iOS 11 update has been met with the question of whether it is a good idea to upgrade, and that remains true for iOS 11.1.1.

What's Inside iOS 11.1.1?

The official changelog for iOS 11.1.1, which has a size of 54 MB, contains only two bullet points. The first deals with the keyboard autocorrect problem, while the second fixes a Siri issue.

The autocorrect problem referred to by the iOS 11.1.1 update changelog was the much publicized bug in the iOS 11.1 predictive keyboard that automatically changed all instances of the letter "I" into an "A" with a symbol of a question mark inside a box. The cause of the bug remains unexplained, but it may be related to the emojis that iOS 11 added because a strange "i" character was seen in the frequently used emoji for users who were affected by it.

iOS 11.1.1 fixes the autocorrect problem, so users will no longer have to use the temporary workaround that Apple suggested that utilized the operating system's Text Replacement feature.

The iOS update also fixes cases where the "Hey Siri" voice command stopped working for iPhone and iPad owners.

Should You Upgrade To iOS 11.1.1?

There is nothing in the changelog and Apple's support documents for iOS 11.1.1 that suggests any other significant changes. The serious KRACK vulnerability was fixed with iOS 11.1, which also brought back the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture.

Users who are terribly troubled over the autocorrect bug for one reason or another should definitely upgrade to iOS 11.1.1 to get their predictive keyboards back to normal. For the rest, the decision will rest on the current state of their iPhone or iPad.

Ever since the initial launch of iOS 11, battery drain problems have plagued the mobile operating system. While iOS 11.1 improved battery performance for some users, it made things worse for some. Early reports from users who installed iOS 11.1.1 are returning the same mixed results.

Users who are content with the battery performance of their iOS device are recommended not to upgrade for now, as doing so might expose you to the dreaded battery drain problems. However, for iOS device owners who are experiencing the issue, upgrading to iOS 11.1.1 may or may not fix the problem, but at least there is a chance that it will.

iOS 11.2, the next major release for iOS 11, is currently in beta 2 stage, and will likely not arrive until up to four weeks from now.

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