Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is still filming in New Mexico, but that is not going to end the rumors. One speculation in the past suggested that Bruce Wayne would have at least two suits, and one of them could be laced with Kryptonite.

Now, it appears this rumor might have some truth to it as a new Batman toy was recently spotted. The armored suit of the Dark Knight was clearly made with defeating Superman in mind. The big question is: could this suit be the one Bruce will wear in Dawn of Justice, or is it just another toy?

According to the rumor, the toy was created by Mattel, a company that usually teams up with Warner Bros. to create DC-themed toys. This is a good reason to believe the rumor, but there is one big drawback to all of this.

The toy in question looks nothing like items from Dawn of Justice. Mattel in the past has created toys based on the Dark Knight trilogy, and they have a bit of realism in the design. This is not the case in the supposed Dawn of Justice toy. It doesn't have that smooth craftsmanship and appears as if it was designed for children.

As it stands, the rumor of Batman owning a suit laced with Kryptonite is still a rumor, and that might not change until we get to see the film in action.

In our opinion, we would prefer if Batman's suit was not covered with Kryptonite as that would likely make the fight between the two heroes very disappointing. The fight should be similar to the Dark Knight Returns - Part 2, where Batman had to go up against Superman with the help of others.

There should be no way for Batman to stand against Superman toe-to-toe by himself, even with a metal suit to protect him from punches and heat vision.

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