The Game Awards 2017 is about to kick off, and the nominees are in.

A total of 102 games are in the mix, competing across multiple categories. You can show your support until Dec. 7, when the winners will be announced.

The Game Of The Year Nominees

The Game of the Year award is the most prestigious title, as it's "recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields."

Nintendo has two contenders on this front: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise, though. The former is the Switch's best-selling title, while the latter is the fastest-selling Super Mario game in the United States, after all.

Another notable competitor is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which has been breaking one Steam record after another. That just goes to show how popular it really is.

Next up is Horizon Zero Dawn. When it first rolled out, plenty of gamers lauded it as one of the best PlayStation games to ever see the light of day. In other words, it deserves a spot among the nominees.

Last but not least is Persona 5. Despite the whole hubbub about Atlus's strict video policy, the game is still a JRPG you can't afford to miss out on, even if you're not a fan of the genre. Thanks to its mechanics, gameplay, and art direction, it landed a nomination for the Game of the Year.

Other Categories

Just to be clear, there are a lot of other categories in the Game Awards 2017, including but not limited to Best Game Direction, Best Score/Music, and Best Ongoing Game.

On an interesting note, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Horizon Zero Dawn — counting the Best Performance nomination that Ashly Burch, Aloy's voice actress, scored — all nabbed six category nominations each.

How To Vote

There are three ways to show your support for your favorite games. First is on the Awards website. Second is via Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Third is by typing in "the game awards vote" on Google, which will yield an interactive selection where you can cast your vote.

How To Watch The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards 2017 will be held on Dec. 7 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, but for those who can't make it to the event can tune in online through various livestreams.

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