Bethesda will give away limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch units that have both been customized with designs inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Fallout 4 may have already surpassed Skyrim as the most successful Bethesda game, but it is still a great game to play nonetheless. What better way to re-live the adventure than through these gorgeous PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch consoles?

Bethesda's 'Skyrim' PlayStation 4 Pro And Nintendo Switch Giveaway: How To Join

Bethesda is currently running a contest that will give away one each of a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch. The consoles are customized to feature a main artwork of a warrior in the snow facing off against a familiar sight, with the overall design combining shades of white, blue, and green.

Winning a free PlayStation 4 Pro or Nintendo Switch is a big deal, and with the customized design, an even bigger deal for fans of The Elder Scrolls franchise and Skyrim. Fortunately, joining the contest is very easy.

According to the giveaway's mechanics, interested participants are not required to make a purchase of any kind. To join the contest, gamers will only need to log in to their Twitter accounts and follow the official The Elder Scrolls account. They will also have to retweet the official post for the giveaway, and add a comment on whether they want to join the raffle for the PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo Switch.

This will be the only method to enter the contest, and those who participate will only have one entry each. For those thinking about sending in more than one entry through multiple Twitter accounts, you might want to hold back as that will disqualify you.

Gamers who are thinking about joining Bethesda's giveaway will need to act fast though, as the contest ends on Nov. 20, 11:59 p.m. ET. The winners will be drawn on Nov. 21.

PlayStation 4 vs Nintendo Switch

The two consoles that Bethesda will give away in its contest are on different paths. The Nintendo Switch topped the hardware sales charts in the United States for the fourth straight month in October, and Nintendo is planning to send Nintendo Switch production into overdrive in its next fiscal year.

The PlayStation 4, meanwhile, reached sales of 67.5 million units in the third quarter, showing that the 4-year-old console is still going strong. The Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X will continue to challenge the PlayStation 4 as it looks to sell 79 million units by March 31, 2018.

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