Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer Shows Off New Moves And V-Triggers


Capcom has released a new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition trailer that shows off the new moves and V-Triggers that will be featured in the new version of the fighting game.

It has long been known that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will add a second V-Trigger for all playable characters on the roster. The trailer reveals some of the new V-Triggers in action, including new moves for several fighters.

New Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer

Capcom released the new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition trailer after Red Bull Battle Grounds. The trailer confirmed that there will be new V-Triggers for all the game's characters in the re-release of the acclaimed fighting title, while showing off some of them.

V-Triggers are powerful modes that players can unlock by performing certain kinds of attacks to fill up a bar at the bottom of the screen. Once the second V-Triggers are introduced, players will choose the V-Trigger that they want to have available before matches begin.

In addition to the new V-Triggers, the trailer also included new abilities, mix-ups, and combo extenders for several characters, including Ryu, Ken, Guile, Nash, Birdie, and Ibuki.

The trailer gives players a good idea of the upgraded action that can be expected from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Much of the replayability of fighting titles such as Street Fighter V comes from the randomness in fighting against human opponents, but Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gives players a good reason to buy the game again.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Release Date

The trailer revealed that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be at the PlayStation Experience on Dec. 9 and 10 as a playable demo, more than a month before the game's release date of Jan. 16, 2018.

Gamers who purchase Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be able to play all the Season 1 and Season 2 downloadable characters, including final two unveiled new fighters Menat and Zeku. The updated version of the fighting game will also include the new Arcade Mode and Battle Mode, as well as a new user interface. Preorders for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will also grant players access to 30th anniversary costumes.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition carries a price tag of $39.99 and will be available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Players who purchased the original PlayStation 4 and PC release of Street Fighter V, meanwhile, will gain access to the new modes and moves through a free in-game update. However, players will still have to pay if they want to unlock the DLC characters.

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