Amazon has launched preorders for the Amazon Echo (Product) RED, as the world's largest online retailer throws in its support for the fight against AIDS.

The Amazon Echo (Product) RED is based on the second-generation Amazon Echo smart speaker, which was just released in September.

Amazon Echo (Product) RED: Preorder For $99

Amazon has added red as the newest option for the colored shells of the second-generation Amazon Echo, as the company looks to help raise funds for the battle against AIDS.

Amazon and (RED) have collaborated for a slate of products that are currently being sold through the former's platform. A portion of the proceeds of each sale will go to the Global Fund, as donations for the ongoing fight against AIDS. The Bank of America has also pledged to donate 30 cents for every dollar that customers spend on the (RED) collection offered on Amazon, up to a $1.5 million maximum contribution from the bank.

Particularly for the Amazon Echo (Product) RED, Amazon will donate $10 for every unit of the speaker sold until Dec. 31 to the Global Fund.

Customers can now preorder the Amazon Echo (Product) RED through its official page on Amazon. The smart speaker carries the same $99 price tag as its other versions, so customers who are thinking about getting the device have nothing to lose if they choose to buy it in red.

As an added bonus, the color red on the Amazon Echo certainly makes the smart speaker pop out, especially compared to the other available colors of brown, gray, and black.

The Amazon Echo (Product) RED is expected to be released on Dec. 6.

Amazon Follows Apple In (Product) RED Partnership

Amazon is not the first major tech company to have teamed up with (RED). Apple also made waves when it released red versions of some of its products, including the iPhone 7 (Product) RED in March.

In addition to helping a good cause when buying the Amazon Echo (Product) RED and iPhone 7 (Product) RED, the devices look great in red, especially as mobile devices are often released in un-exciting colors. Even gold and rose gold color options are starting to lose their appeal.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 (Product) RED design received criticism. While the smartphone featured subtle elements that made it look better, Apple's decision to go with white for the face of the device did not sit well with some users. It looks like no such criticism will be coming to the Amazon Echo (Product) RED though.

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