Some Google Pixel 2 units had their bootloader unlock option disabled, but Google has issued a remote fix to address the issue.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are among the hottest and most powerful Android smartphones currently available on the market, but they had quite a rocky launch.

A number of issues have plagued Google's latest Pixel smartphones since their debut and Google is trying to fix them. The most controversial matter revolved around the display issues of the Pixel XL 2, which started to show signs of screen burn-in after just a few days of use. The Pixel 2 had its fair share of issues too, however, and the oddest is the disabled bootloader unlock option.

Google Pixel 2 Bootloader Unlock Issues

For those unfamiliar with the issue, the Pixel 2 units purchased directly from Google should allow users to unlock the bootloader. For some, the OEM unlocking option did not appear available in the settings menu. It was simply grayed out, with no explanation whatsoever. The issue mostly affected Verizon Pixel 2 units and it was apparently widespread enough that it found its way to Google's Issue Tracker.

Pixel phones, just like the Nexus ones before them, offer a stock Android experience, but that's not the only thing that appeals to consumers. Many Android fans prefer to purchase a Pixel smartphone because it's easier to toy with various kernels and ROMs, at least if the bootloader unlock option is available.

With a locked bootloader and no option to unlock it, some Pixel 2 owners found it notably more difficult to tinker with ROMs and kernels. Google has yet to mention why the bootloader unlock option was disabled on some units, but at least, it has now fixed the problem.

Pixel 2 Bootloader Unlock Fix

To get rid of this issue, all users have to do is a factory reset on their Pixel 2, with an active internet connection during startup. Google issued a fix remotely and after the factory reset, the Pixel 2 OEM unlocking option should no longer appear grayed out.

Judging by the comments on the dedicated page on Google's Issue Tracker, it seems that the remote fix is working. A number of Pixel 2 owners confirmed that they have tried this solution and their bootloader unlock option is now enabled.

The Issue Tracker page also lists the issue is now fixed and at the time of writing, there are no user comments indicating otherwise.

Have you had issues with the bootloader unlock option on your Google Pixel 2 smartphone? If so, did Google's solution do the trick? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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