The SNES Classic Edition will be restocked at Best Buy and Toys R Us, giving gamers who have not been able to buy the retro console another crack at getting their hands on it.

The SNES Classic Edition launch in September went much smoother compared to the NES Classic Edition release in November 2016. However, the supply still was not enough to meet the massive demand for the retro console.

SNES Classic Edition Restock At Best Buy And Toys R Us

The Nintendo Black Friday deals did not offer much, but it appears that Nintendo will try to make up for that by releasing more SNES Classic Edition units to a pair of popular retailers.

In a press release, Best Buy said that the SNES Classic Edition will be back on sale once its over 1,000 physical stores open at 9:00 a.m. on Nov. 25, Saturday.

The retailer, however, cautioned that there will again only be limited quantities per Best Buy store, without giving a specific number. The SNES Classic Edition will be sold to customers on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of only one unit per person.

The retro console will not be available through Best Buy's online store, so gamers who are desperate to own the device will need to fall in line outside their local Best Buy as early as they can.

Best Buy is not the only retailer with news on an SNES Classic Edition restock, though, as the retro console will also be back soon on Toys R Us shelves.

According to Toys R Us, it will restock the SNES Classic Edition on Nov. 27. However, like Best Buy, the retro console will only be available in limited quantities, so customers looking to purchase the retro console will have to fall in line before physical stores open on that day.

Toys R Us added that it will also release a fresh supply of Nintendo Switch units on Nov. 29 for customers who are also looking for the hybrid console.

SNES Classic Edition Alternative

For gamers who will once again miss out on buying the SNES Classic Edition after the Best Buy and Toys R Us restocks, you might want to consider the Analogue Super Nt as an alternative to the retro console.

The Analogue Super Nt is much more expensive at $189, compared to the $79 SNES Classic Edition. However, it comes with features such as compatibility with all original SNES cartridges, 1080p HDMI output, and an SD card slot that will enable other classic consoles on the device.

The Analogue Super Nt will also come with a copy of the unreleased Super Turrican: Director's Cut, copying the move of Nintendo to roll out the unreleased Star Fox 2 with the SNES Classic Edition.

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