Motorola Mocks Samsung’s Anti-iPhone X Ad: Can Your Phone Do This?


This past November, Samsung came out with an ad that mocked the iPhone X, from its seeming lack of innovative features to its silly notch. The point was to show that Galaxy phones have continuously been at the forefront of excellent design and smartphone innovation, and that Apple has always lagged behind.

But now, in an unexpected turn, Motorola has come out with its own ad that goes after both Apple and Samsung. The company's ad bears striking similarities to Samsung's, right down to the lead actor.

Motorola Takes On Samsung's Galaxy Ad

At the end of Samsung's ad, the protagonist finally abandons his iPhone loyalty and opts for the latest Galaxy flagship. Motorola continues where Samsung left off: as the protagonist enjoys watching a video on his new phone, his girlfriend comes over, sits with him, looks at his Galaxy phone, and gives a not-so-subtle look of disapproval. So, she whips out and unboxes her Moto Z2 Play, snaps an Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod on the back of it, and projects a video to the wall. The guy is mesmerized that a phone can somehow do this. Then, these words come up: "Up-upgrade to Motorola."

Moto Mods Hit The Spotlight

It's an unmistakable response to Samsung's "Upgrade to Galaxy" tagline found in its November ad, challenging the versatility of Samsung Galaxy phones. In the video, the woman uses a snap-on projector to expand her phone's capabilities, and there's a lot where that came from. Motorola calls these Moto Mods: there's one for printing Polaroids, for turning the phone into an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, for taking 360-degree photos, and for extending battery life. It's a winning concept, and it's no surprise Motorola is highlighting it as a selling point. Motorola essentially asks, "Can your Samsung phone do this?"

It's a pretty clever parody of an ad, but even for people who aren't aware of the Samsung's campaign, it does enough to incite interest in what Motorola phones have to offer.

As of this time, Samsung's ad has over 23 million views on YouTube, while Motorola has only more than half a million. That's of course bound to increase over time. But as TechnoBuffalo notes, Motorola isn't nearly as committed to big-budget advertising as Samsung is, so don't expect for it to go big. Even still, this is a nice attempt to cause some ruckus.

You can watch Motorola's ad below. What do you make of Motorola's parody of Samsung's ad? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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