'Call Of Duty: WWII' Leaked Video Hints New Guns, Game Modes


Call of Duty: WWII leaked video hints at a lot of things coming up for the latest first-person shooter game.

Soon, players of Call of Duty: WWII will have a range of new guns and game modes to keep them busy for a while.

What The Leaked Video Reveals

YouTuber IAMJarni released a footage of his exclusive gameplay Call of Duty: WWII. From the footage, it is clear that the game will offer new and better guns for the players. A surprise is in the form of modes, a reminiscent of the previous Call of Duty games. There is "Gun Game," "Control," "Infected," and many more modes for the players to choose from. Plus, a new and never-before-seen gun for the delights of the players.

As soon as the news of leaked video spread online, the YouTuber took the video down from his channel. However, the video is still available on Reddit.

Because of the leaked video, there are now questions raised by the fans. Will the new guns and game modes come as a Season Pass, be a part of timed events, available for free or a mix of any of these? There is no clear answer to this yet, only speculations.

Game Modes And Guns Explored

The YouTuber's video of the game begins with the fan favorite progression-based game mode, "Gun Game." If "Gun Game" mode is released, the players will relive the excitement of previous games of the franchise. They will be able to kill the enemy with each of the weapons and avoid being demoted.

Another game mode setting the expectation high for the fans is "Infected" mode. Some of the other objective-based game modes are "Controlled," "Demolition." and "Lockdown."

COD players had requested these features in the game and it seems Sledgehammer, who is developing this game, was listening closely. But before the release, there is always a doubt, if all these will actually make it to the game.

Apart from modes, several new guns are available now for the shooting spree in-game. The video shows the new guns in the "Zombie" mode.

The YouTuber also showed off several of these new weapons coming soon and there are at least 12 new guns for the players to select from. Some of these guns are in action inside the video.

Now, it is all up to Sledgehammer as to how it will roll out these features of the game and whether the modes will come for all or only for Season Pass holders. The release is around the corner.

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