Google updates its Play Store app to make it easier for users to manage their accounts. Meanwhile, Sony embraces the search engine company's Android TV.

The latest update to the Google Play Store brings the app up to version 5.1.11, bringing with it new My Account and Order History sections.

The new sections allow users to confirm existing payment methods or swap them out for new sources of funds. The Order History section provides an itemized listing of all of a user's Play Store purchases.

The Federal Communications Commission is still closely monitoring Google and companies that operate app stores, as those who have settled with the commission have agreed to a high level of transparency as part of their deals.

Google's latest Play Store update enables users to review purchases without having to log into their accounts on a browser, a move that could help account holders spot unwanted purchases or erroneous charges sooner rather than later. Apple sought to make its App Store more user-friendly by labeling freemium apps as "Get" rather than "Free," while Amazon is still contesting the charges the FTC has raised against it.

The over-the-air update for Google's Play Store is expected to roll out soon. But users wanting to try out Play Store version 5.1.11 right now can download the APK from this link and install it manually.

On the other side of Google's software offerings, Sony is rumored to be preparing to launch its first batch of televisions that will run on Android TV. MobileGeeks says Sony insiders have leaked plans to release the TV running Android software, detailing a launch that could occur in late February of 2015.

Back at Google's I/O 2014, Sony announced that its entire lineup of HD TV will run on the Android TV platform. MobileGeeks sources say the next generation of Sony TV, all running Android TV, have already gone through testing and will move into mass production in January.

Sony has bet on Google's interfaces in the past, embracing Google TV before the platform was retired and Android TV emerged as the successor.

It's unclear exactly how Sony will integrate Android TV with its PlayStation user interface and apps, though the Japanese tech company has already released its PlayStation Remote Play apps exclusively on its Xperia smartphones. With Sony already building TVs that come with PlayStation Now, an app to stream the console's games, it may be preparing to bring the app into the Android universe.

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