A special report by Tom's Guide revealed the OnePlus 5T as the fastest-charging smartphone in a showdown among the current flagship devices.

The fast-charging feature of the iPhone X and iPhone 8, meanwhile, struggled to keep up with their Android counterparts, revealing one more weakness for Apple's latest smartphones.

OnePlus 5T Wins Fast-Charging Showdown

In the first round of the showdown, Tom's Guide tested the battery percentage that various flagship smartphones can gain after 30 minutes of using their respective fast-charging features. The devices were charged while they were on, but their displays were turned off.

The OnePlus 5T recovered 59 percent of charge, followed by the LG V30 at 53 percent, and the iPhone X at 50 percent. The top three were followed by the iPhone 8 at 49 percent, the iPhone 8 Plus at 47 percent, the Google Pixel 2 at 38 percent, and the Galaxy Note 8 pulling up the rear at 35 percent.

In the second round, charging times lasted for a full hour. The rankings remained the same, with the OnePlus 5T still in top with 93 percent, followed by the LG V30 at 86 percent and the iPhone X at 81 percent. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Pixel 2, and Galaxy Note 8 recovered charges of 80 percent, 79 percent, 75 percent, and 74 percent, respectively.

The results strengthen the standing of OnePlus 5T as the flagship killer, as its specifications and features match up and sometimes beat those of the more expensive flagship smartphones from other manufacturers.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 Fast-Charging Fails

From the initial results, it appears that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 actually performed well, beating the Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 8. However, while the Android smartphones were charged using the accessories included with their boxes, Tom's Guide used the 29-watt wall adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable for the iPhones. These additional accessories cost an additional $68 on top of the price of the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

When Tom's Guide charged the standard AC plug that came with the iPhones, the results were miserable. The iPhone 8 charged 30 percent in 30 minutes and 58 percent in an hour, while the iPhone 8 Plus charged 26 percent in 30 minutes and 55 percent in an hour. The iPhone X, which took third place in the initial round of testing, performed at an even worse 17 percent in 30 minutes and 37 percent in an hour.

At these fast-charging rates, the iPhone models fell to the bottom of the rankings of Tom's Guide's fast-charging showdown, adding to the list of controversies, criticisms, and issues for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

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