In celebration of Mega Man's 30th anniversary, Capcom is rolling out the new Mega Man 11 to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

That's not all either, as it's set to launch all eight of the Mega Man X series for the same platforms and bring Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 to the Switch to boot.

Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 is arguably the biggest takeaway from Capcom's Mega Man 30th Anniversary Live Stream, as it's not just a port or a remake but also a brand-new game.

"Mega Man 11 brings a fresh new design and incredible 2.5D visuals to the classic series, leaping into the modern era of gaming with beautiful 3D-modeled characters and hand-drawn environments. Everything you know and love about the Blue Bomber and much more is here in a brand-new style!" Capcom says.

Staying true to the classic series, Mega Man will continue his ongoing bout with Dr. Wily along with his iconic companions, the robot dog Rush and his sister Roll, acquiring new weapons as he takes down bosses.

One big change here is that he'll not only change colors when he equips a Robot Master weapon but also change his appearance.

Mega Man 11 is expected to become available across the aforementioned platforms sometime in late 2018.

Mega Man X

For some fans, the Mega Man X series is their favorite because it's a story-driven platformer. Now the good news for them is that all eight of the titles are making their way to the consoles and the PC in summer 2018.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

The Mega Man Legacy Collection is one of the few Mega Man titles to make it to the Nintendo platform, and it arrived only to the 3DS.

That's a bit of a limited deal, but that won't be the case with the Switch. Not only will the Mega Man Legacy Collection come to the hybrid console but the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 as well, and the two will be released sometime in spring 2018.

What's more, there's a new upcoming update that brings the "rewind" function to all the games for all the platforms. Needless to say, the feature lets players rewind the game whenever they want, perhaps if they fail a jump or dodge a life-ending projectile.

All in all, Capcom is bringing nine Mega Man games to the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC and a whopping 19 titles to the Switch in 2018.

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