Okami Is Getting Remastered For The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC, Will Feature 4K Graphics [Trailer]


A remastered port of the popular PS2 title Okami is headed to various platforms this winter. It is perhaps one of Capcom's most beloved franchises. Originally released in 2006, it was later ported to the Wii, then remastered in 2012 for the PlayStation 3.

Okami is known for its signature watercolor-style animation, mystical environments, and unique paintbrush mechanics. It is one of the most original video games ever made, exploring complex Japanese myths, legends, and folklore.

More than a decade later, PS4, Xbox One, and PC players are getting the remastered port on Dec. 12 for a mere $20.

What Is 'Okami'?

For those who completely missed the game, Okami follows Amaterasu, the wolf goddess, as she attempts to rid Japan of evil along with the trusty Issun, who uses magical brush strokes to perform miracles. It's much like any other game that offers adventure, requires players to gain powers, and involves defeating formidable foes. But Okami is a visual masterpiece, with graphics rendered in the style of watercolors and ink, which absolutely looks stunning.

Even so, Okami didn't become popular, but it garnered critical acclaim at its heyday. Shortly after the game launched, Capcom shut down Clover Studios, the developers. In 2010, a sequel called Okamiden was released for the Nintendo DS, but under the development of Mobile & Game Studio, Inc.

It remains a beloved cult classic in the video game community. The newest version is called Okami HD, and it will feature 4K graphics on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro — and PC, of course, suppose certain hardware requirements are met. Players will be given the choice between traditional 4:3 aspect ratio or widescreen when playing the game. Capcom says Okami HD will be released in both digital and physical formats.

Will 'Okami HD' Come To The Nintendo Switch?

Sure, it's great news and all, but the only thing missing is a Nintendo Switch port. Come on, Capcom — couldn't you have ported the game for the Switch too? Polygon even says not having Okami HD on the latest Nintendo console " feels ... wrong. Unfair. Illogical."

If Skyrim and L.A. Noire are coming to the Switch, why can't Okami HD join the portable party too?

Perhaps it's not a question of the Switch's capability but more on Capcom's side. The Switch is slowly proving itself as a capable hybrid console that can rub elbows with current-gen platforms, albeit not being as powerful as them.

One can only hope Capcom makes the right decision and brings Okami HD to the Switch as well.

Thoughts about Okami HD? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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