Google has three "appsperiments" — a clever portmanteau of "apps" and "experiments" — in store to up users' mobile photography game: Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies.

Partly inspired by the Motion Stills app, the Mountain View company is also "building on other technologies in development" for the trio. In other words, they're experiments in the form of functional apps.

"They rely on object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies, and perhaps most importantly, fun!" Google said.

Storyboard: For The Comic Book Lover

First up is Storyboard. This one lets users turn their videos into a single-page comic, picking out frames and laying them out on its own. There are six visual styles in total too, one of which will be applied automatically.

At that, Google says about 1.6 trillion — count 'em — combinations are possible.

Storyboard is available for Android via the Play Store.

Selfissimo!: For The Selfie Addict

Next up is Selfissimo!, and based on just the name, it's all about selfies. Wannabe models will get a kick out of this one, as it's basically an automated photo booth that takes black-and-white pictures.

Here's how it goes: Tap the screen to begin a photo session, and each time the user strikes a pose or stops moving, it takes a picture. After it's over, all the shots taken will be on a sheet, and from there, the user can either save images one by one or the whole shoot.

Selfissimo! is available for Android and iOS.

Scrubbies: For That Video Remix

Last but not least is Scrubbies, and it involves a lot of, well, "scrubbing."

Put simply, it allows users to scrub a video with one finger to play it through or record the playback with two fingers to save and share as a video loop, but put differently, it lets them remix videos "by scratching it like a DJ."

Scrubbies is up for grabs for iOS users via the App Store.

It's also worth mentioning that Google referred to them as the "first installment of a series of photography appsperiments," meaning that it's not a stretch to think that the company will roll out more like them in the foreseeable future.

Sure, they might not be the most useful apps out there, but they weren't really meant for that. As Google said, they rely on fun, which seems to be the mood the company has been in for some time now, evidenced by the cheeseburger emoji debate and other festive updates.

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