Chrome Goes Up On The Microsoft Store But Was Booted Out Soon After


In a surprise move, Google made the Chrome web browser available through the Microsoft Store, but the app was unceremoniously pulled out just mere hours after going live.

Almost immediately, several users termed the provided Chrome download a prank or plain insult. As it turned out, the app was nothing but a link to the desktop version of the internet browser. So Microsoft reacted as expected and pulled the plug on Google.

"We have removed the Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store, as it violates our Microsoft Store policies," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.

Also, the software maker made clear that the action was carried out in accordance to the store's clear-cut aim of providing "unique and distinct value" on the applications accessible through the store catalogue. Google is free to post another version of Chrome, but Microsoft said it has "to build a Microsoft Store browser app compliant with our Microsoft Store policies."

A Snub Or Practical Decision

Google's move appears bordering on arrogance, as reports indicated the company simply refused to follow the rules governing the Microsoft Store. For Chrome to be fully compliant, the browser needs to be recoded using the Centennial architecture, thus making the app optimized with the Windows 10 S version.

It is unlikely, though, that Google will give in to Microsoft's dictates and stick to its trusty Blink rendering engine for the Chrome. Besides, Google toeing the line will be like ceding considerable grounds to the 10 S platform and, in doing so, will certainly hurt the company's Chrome OS business.

The best-case scenario is for Chrome to just skip the Microsoft Store altogether, and Google will not miss out on anything as a result of the snub move. Chrome, anyway, is a free download for millions of the original Windows 10 users.

Joke Is On Google

Google's stance on the matter, however, could play out in a harmful way for the company. Ignoring Windows 10 S appears to be the opposite direction that key tech companies have been taking lately, with Apple leading the pack.

Soon, iTunes will debut on the Microsoft Store, as Apple appears ready to duke it out with rivals already on the 10 S platform. Earlier, Spotify has expanded its presence in the Microsoft ecosystem in a bid to continue its dominance of the music streaming industry.

In contrast, Google elected to resort to a joke, and the ploy is not exactly winning hearts. The company's latest Chrome effort through the Microsoft Store was seen by many users as far from being funny or just outright useless.

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