Destiny 2's The Dawning Hiding Event-Based Bright Engrams Behind Paywall


Bungie is not having a good time with Destiny 2 at the moment. It just launched Destiny 2's new winter-inspired event The Dawning and the already-troubled game is facing problems.

Once again, their problems are tied to the Eververse, Destiny's in-game store that allows players to buy items using real currency.

Bright Engrams Causing Problems ... Again

Last month, Destiny 2's fan base were angry when they found out that Bungie was capping their ability to earn Bright Engrams, Destiny 2's loot boxes. Bungie limited the amount of XP that could be earned by players to prevent them from getting more Bright Engrams. This move forced players who wanted the cosmetic upgrades, such as armors, ships, ghost shells, and emotes, to spend real money for these upgrades. Once players noticed the XP reduction, Bungie quickly backtracked and claimed their system was not working as it should.

Bright Engrams are taking center stage in another dispute between Bungie and players of the game. Players are finding out that even though they will be able to obtain Bright Engrams with the updated XP system, those that they receive will not feature any of The Dawning exclusive loot. Instead, players will receive regular loot that can then be dismantled for Bright Dust, the currency used to buy Bright Engrams.

Players also found out that The Dawning loot that could be obtained as gifts from vendors in the game couldn't be dismantled for Bright Dust. However, if the same piece of loot was dismantled after being purchased from the Eververse store, players would receive Bright Dust. Bungie created a system where the players wouldn't be able to earn Bright Dust to get more Bright Engrams without purchasing it directly from the store.

More And More Problems

Bungie's problems from Destiny 2 stem from putting the Eververse store to the forefront of the game, and prioritizing loot boxes is turning the player base away.

While Destiny's last Dawning event introduced the Sparrow Racing League, revamped Strike missions, and a new scoring system, changes from this Dawning event include bringing back the Mayhem PvP mode from the last game and snowball fights.

If that wasn't enough, a glitch in the Mayhem PvP mode makes the Warlock-class unstoppable.

Loot boxes are still a lucrative business for video games. Even after the problems experienced by EA due to Battlefront 2, publishers still feature loot boxes in their games. Bungie continues to push the business model despite the problems it's causing with its player base.

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