Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners might want to avoid letting their devices reach zero battery as they might not be able to charge them afterward.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made huge waves worldwide over its battery issues, which caused the device to explode. This year, Samsung took all precautions to ensure that the Galaxy Note 8 battery is not a fire hazard, but it seems that some battery issues are still present.

Galaxy Note 8 Not Charging After Battery Drain

Many Galaxy Note 8 owners took to Samsung community forums and other online venues to report that depleting the device's battery renders the whole handset unresponsive. If the battery drained completely, the device apparently doesn't charge or even power on, in some cases.

Based on user reports, it seems that this issue mostly affects users on various carriers in the United States. While this doesn't necessarily mean that only the Snapdragon version of the smartphone is encountering this problem, it does seem to be more affected.

Samsung Offers Galaxy Note 8 Replacements

Samsung is reportedly offering Galaxy Note 8 replacements to affected users, but it has yet to explain just what is causing this issue or how it might fix it. The company might release a statement later on, once it gets to the bottom of this matter.

In the meantime, it's odd that Samsung is not replacing bricked Galaxy Note 8 units with new ones, but with refurbished units. Considering that the Galaxy Note 8 hit the market just a couple of months ago, all affected units should be well within their warranty rights so getting a refurbished device as a replacement is quite strange.

Moreover, some users report that Samsung support told them it would take up to three or four weeks to get the replacement phone.

Don't Let The Galaxy Note 8 Battery Drain Completely

It remains unclear at this point just how widespread this problem is, but it's obvious that it's not just an isolated case. With no solution available at this point, the only option to avoid bricking the Galaxy Note 8 seems to be preventing its battery from depleting completely.

Once the handset runs out of battery, it's apparently too late. Some say that connecting it to a charger prompts the charging circle to appear, but the device doesn't actually charge. Others, meanwhile, report that the device gets warm when connected to a power source, but the screen is just blank and the device won't charge or respond at all.

Wireless charging doesn't work either, as the phone remains equally unresponsive. This indicates that it might be a software glitch, which would be good news. If the problem is in the software rather than the hardware, Samsung could issue a fix in a future software update.

For now, Galaxy Note 8 users might want to charge their device when the battery level gets dangerously low. If it does drain completely and the phone won't power up, users should get in touch with Samsung so they can get a replacement phone.

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