Amazon Fire TV YouTube App No Longer Works Ahead Of Schedule: Users Redirected To Browsers


The YouTube app is no longer working on the Amazon Fire TV, a few days ahead of Google's planned shutdown of the app on Jan. 1.

As the feud between Google and Amazon takes the next step, Fire TV owners who try to access the YouTube app will see a recommendation to access the video streaming service through one of the device's browsers.

YouTube App Stops Working On Fire TV

Earlier this month, Google said that it will remove the YouTube app from Amazon's devices. The app was immediately taken down from the Amazon Echo Show, while Fire TV owners were given until the first day of 2018.

The updated YouTube app on the Fire TV, when opened, now redirects users to a web browser to access the service. The two options, Amazon's Silk and Mozilla's Firefox, were recently added to all Fire TV devices so that users can still access YouTube in the future.

YouTube On Fire TV Workaround

According to AFTVnews, Google has not blocked the Fire TV's YouTube app, as previous versions that are sideloaded into the device still displays the message that YouTube will no longer be available on the Fire TV starting Jan. 1, 2018.

For users who would like to enjoy the remaining few days before Google itself takes down the Fire TV's YouTube app, there is a workaround.

Fire TV owners who still have the old version of the YouTube app, which still works, may disable the automatic app updates option under the device's Settings. For users who already updated their YouTube app to the new version, they may uninstall the app and sideload a working version using AFTVnews' Downloader app.

Google-Amazon Feud Intensifies

The feud between Google and Amazon is due to the online retailer's existence not to sell hardware such as smart speakers and media players made by its rivals. To promote its own products such as the Echo line of smart speakers and the Fire TV, Amazon does not stock competing devices such as the Google Home and the Google Chromecast.

Earlier this month, there appeared to be reconciliation brewing between the two companies when product pages for the Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra reappeared on Amazon. However, a few days later, Amazon announced the addition of web browsers to the Fire TV, signaling that YouTube was still on its way out. In addition, Amazon was found to have filed trademarks for names such as AmazonTube and OpenTube, which means that the company is planning a YouTube challenger.

The Google-Amazon feud has now further intensified, and there appears to be no end in sight.

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