Bloodborne Hackers Datamine Game To Find Hidden Unused Bosses


Everything that's made for a game isn't going to be used but may still be present inside the game.

Dataminers are still finding new things in Bloodborne even though it was released nearly three years ago. Recently, an enemy that was thought to be cut from the game was found by players last month.

Chalice Dungeons

Chalice Dungeons are Bloodborne's procedurally generated dungeons in the game that players get into by performing chalice rituals.

Recently, Bloodborne player Zullie the Witch released glyphs, which are codes that let players go into other player's Chalice Dungeons that then allow other players to fight a pair of bosses that were cut from the game. It is a saved state that lets them access certain dungeons.

Playing in an area that was cut from the game can be dangerous, players can get stuck and lose their save. It's better to back things up before trying these glyphs.

The two cut bosses are the Great One Beast and a variation of the Moon Presence boss. To reach the Moon Presence, search for the glyph "sikgc3sm" at the Chalice Dungeon gravestones in the Hunter's Dream area. For the Great One Beast, the glyph is "arkhv2vs."

Moon Presence is the boss to defeat for the true ending of the game. It can be fought after finding three hidden items in the game. This form isn't present in the final boss fight.

The Great One Beast is a gigantic, dog-like creature. Both bosses aren't finished, their movement are still clunky and visually, the graphics haven't been touched up.

More Glyphs

Zullie the Witch has found more Chalice Dungeons in the game. Some can be swarming with enemies like in the glyph "2c8czh8h." This dungeon also features two types of enemies that didn't make it into the final game, a ghost that follows the player and a pigman.

Another glyph is "g2xs4nmx," which doesn't contain anything. It is however fully fleshed out. These dungeons are thought to be testing ground for the developers.

Since the dungeons are procedurally generated, there may be bosses and enemies that still haven't been seen yet. There is a group of players called Tomb Prospectors that search in the game's chalice dungeons for secrets, new bosses, new items, and rare occurrences in the game.

One of the items that the group has been trying to find is the "Revered Great One Coldblood." To access these areas, players have to make the dungeons more difficult to change what will be generated.

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