Neutrogena steps into the future with its skin care treatments.

On Friday, Jan. 5, the company announced a new hardware called SkinScanner. It can be attached to a user's smartphone to scan the skin and give a magnified view.

Neutrogena teamed up with FitSkin to bring this new tool, which uses 12 high-powered LED lights, sensors, and a 30x magnification lens to track a user's skin health. The beauty tool is able to look above and beneath the skin surface, giving users an in-depth look at their skin.

Typically, these type of devices are used only by a dermatologist but now, this becomes another tool that people can use to do things themselves.

How To Use Neutrogena's SkinScanner And Skin360 App

Users interested in the Neutrogena SkinScanner will simply need to attach the device to the top of their iPhone. Then, they need to hold it up their face and allow the sensor to analyze their skin.

The SkinScanner is used in tandem with the Neutrogena Skin360 app and will sync up with the app to show users a scorecard from their scan. The scorecard will show users things like pore size, lines on the face, wrinkles, and even skin moisture levels.

The 360 app will then provide a personalized regimen and product choices that are ideal for the users' skin type. Being part of Neutrogena, the skincare solutions offered will only recommend products from their brand.

However, Neutrogena is a Johnson & Johnson company, so it is safe to assume that later down the road, the device and app will give more options from the 19 other beauty brands owned by J&J.

Users will be able to research or purchase any Neutrogena products directly from the app. Furthermore, the Skin Scanner tool also features tech that makes the device smarter with each use.

The Skin Scanner device is only for cosmetics at the moment, meaning the tool won't be used to treat acne, scarring, discoloration, or detecting signs of melanoma. That would require the device to get an FDA approval and that takes time.

For now, the SkinScanner device only works with the iPhone device.

Where To Get The Neutrogena SkinScanner

Although it debuted this week, the Neutrogena SkinScanner will get a proper introduction at the CES 2018 next week in Las Vegas.

This isn't the first time Beauty products and tech have come together. A month ago, NYX introduced its customers to a virtual reality makeup tutorial.

Using the Samsung Gear VR headset, users can watch their favorite vlogger demonstrate a makeup tutorial. As the vlogger uses different products, the VR headset will bring it across the screen for users to know exactly what products are being used.

The Neutrogena SkinScanner and Skin360 app will release in summer. The price of the tool will be $50 and will be sold exclusively through Neutrogena.

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