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Replace Your Boring Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons With ‘Splatoon 2’-Themed Ones, Coming Later This Month

A Twitter post from Nintendo announced the availability of the 'Splatoon 2' Joy-Cons in the United States. The neon green and pink controller bundle will have a different configuration than the original set.

Video Games January 8, 2018

Splatoon To Get An Anime Adaptation That Will Be Available Online Via YouTube

An animated show inspired by 'Splatoon' has now been officially announced. The show will follow our beloved Inklings as they engage in Turf Wars, debuting this August.

Video Games July 18, 2017

Nintendo Switch's 'Splatoon 2' Graphics Improved A Lot Compared With The Original Game On Wii U

Before ‘Splatoon 2’ arrives July 21, someone has already put the game and its predecessor, ‘Splatoon,’ side-by-side. The astonishing results basically confirm that ‘Splatoon 2’ is a step up from the original Wii U hit.

Video Games July 12, 2017

Nintendo Wants Fans To Buy Empty 'Splatoon 2' Boxes

Nintendo has now put up an empty 'Splatoon 2' box up for preorder on its Japanese website. That’s right — no Switch, no game, just an empty box.

Video Games May 23, 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Update Patches Out Inkling Girl's Animation Gesture Because It Was Offensive

Nintendo has now released a new patch for 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' that fixes, among others, Inkling Girl’s reportedly offensive animation. There are also a number of changes that will greatly improve online matches moving forward.

Video Games May 19, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Free ‘Splatoon 2’ Demo To Go Live March 24, But It Won’t Last Long

Nintendo has confirmed that a 'Splatoon 2' global demo will go live late March, allowing players to test the game ahead of its release. Additionally, Spectator and LAN mode have also been confirmed for the game.

Video Games February 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch Launch Games Include Two New 'Mario' Titles, 'Skyrim'; In The Pipeline Are 'Super Smash Bros.', 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild'

According to an insider, two new 'Super Mario' games will be available for the Nintendo Switch upon launch, along with 'Skyrim'. Other titles in the pipeline include ports of fan favorites and 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'.

Video Games November 21, 2016

Nintendo Is Giving Away An NX Console - But There's A Catch (Or Three)

Nintendo may not have said anything about the NX, but that hasn't stopped it from announcing that it will be giving some away as a grand prize to winners of a recently-announced 'Splatoon' tournament. The tournament starts on Sept. 11.

Video Games September 7, 2016

Final 'Splatoon' Splatfest Details Revealed: It's Callie Against Marie

The final Splatfest on 'Splatoon' is about to commence this July, and to make things interesting, Nintendo is putting the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie up against each other.

Video Games July 2, 2016

Chinese Knock-Offs Of 'Super Smash Bros.' And 'Splatoon' Can't Be Making Nintendo Happy

Chinese copyright laws (or rather the lack of them) strike again.

Video Games June 30, 2016

'Splatoon' Amiibo Official Release Date Revealed: Here Are The Details

Nintendo unveils two new 'Splatoon' Amiibo figures, and the duo joining the lineup is none other than the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie, coming in with a couple of sweet dance moves.

Video Games May 2, 2016

Miitomo Will Get Splatoon Accessories: Here Are The Details

Nintendo announced that Miitomo is getting Splatoon accessories and styles. Miitomo Miis can now be further customized by using these new items, which can be unlocked by playing Mii Drop.

Apps/Software April 22, 2016

Strong 'Splatoon' And 'Super Mario Maker' Sales Kept The Wii U Afloat In 2015

Nintendo's home console sold more than three million units in the last year thanks to two heavy-hitting games.

Geek February 2, 2016

Nintendo's 'Splatoon' Video Game Receives Two New Manga Adaptations

Both kids and squids will be in print this time around.

Geek January 8, 2016

Nintendo 'Splatoon' Gets New Content: Maps, Stages, Gear And More [Video]

'Splatoon,' Nintendo's quirky paint-shooting game, has just received new maps, modes and gear to keep its squidy fans occupied for the whole winter. May the ink splatters be always in your favor!

Video Games November 14, 2015

Splatoon's Adorable Characters Will Be Made Into Plushies Just In Time For Christmas

Spatoon's Squid-kids will be available as huggable plushies this December. The dolls based on Nintendo's paintball shooter game will be sold in Japan just in time for Christmas.

Internet Culture October 16, 2015

Nintendo Wii U Global Sales Hit 10 Million

Nintendo has posted its earnings report for April, May and June 2015, revealing an increase in sales and operating income. At the same time, the company reveals that global sales of its Wii U hit more than 10 million, with 'Splatoon' contributing to vitalizing the platform.

Money July 30, 2015

Amiibo To The Rescue: Nintendo Reports Best Q1 Sales Since 2012

For a while, things weren't going all that well for Nintendo - but it looks like that's turning around. The company just posted its best Q1 earnings since 2012, before the Wii U had even launched.

Geek July 29, 2015

New Levels, Ranks And Weapons Headed To 'Splatoon' This August

'Splatoon' has already seen a wealth of updates since its release, but the upcoming August update might just be the biggest one yet. Who's ready for a paint-throwing Splatling gun?

Geek July 27, 2015

Nintendo Adds Camp Triggerfish To Splatoon Stage Rotation

Splatoon for the Nintendo Wii U adds a new map named Camp Triggerfish, where players go over a series of bridges to bases which are protected by floodgates.

Video Games July 26, 2015

'Splatoon' Crosses The One Million Sales Mark

Launching a new property can be tough, but you wouldn't know that from looking at Nintendo - the company's newest franchise, 'Splatoon,' has already sold a million copies worldwide.

Geek June 24, 2015

Love 'Splatoon' Or 'Minecraft'? How About 'Splatoon In Minecraft'? [Video]

Minecraft artist SethBling created the popular Splatoon game on Minecraft. Check out the video.

Video Games June 9, 2015

Truck Carrying Stocks Of Nintendo 'Splatoon' Hijacked In UK

A delivery truck carrying 'Splatoon' stock from Nintendo’s UK warehouse was stolen while on its way to GAME, a British retailer. Customers who preordered the game’s Special Edition are given two options as a result of the heist.

Video Games May 30, 2015

Not Familiar With 'Splatoon'? Meet The Cute Characters Of This Wii U Shooter Game

Meet the characters of the adorable Wii Shooter Spatoon.

Geek May 29, 2015

Nintendo 'Splatoon' Global Testfire Beta Blink-And-You-Miss It Event Took Place This Weekend

Nintendo is set to release its latest hit game, called 'Splatoon,' on May 29. The company also recently offered users a look at the new game through a free trial ahead of its release date.

Apps/Software May 10, 2015

Nintendo's 'Splatoon' Online Demo Will Be Available This Weekend For Three, One-Hour Periods

Nintendo is letting fans take 'Splatoon' for a test run, but only for a very limited time.

Geek May 7, 2015

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