Xbox One Update Preview Reveals Next Achievements, Do Not Disturb, Mini Game Hubs, And More


The Xbox One is up for cool new features, which Microsoft said will deploy in the next few weeks. First to get a crack are Xbox Insiders.

The select Alpha Ring members have been picked to test the new feature bumps that, according to Microsoft, will be packed on the beta firmware update 1802.180105-1503. The step up will unlock upcoming console gaming capabilities that Microsoft said will make for a more exciting gameplay.

"We're excited to return in 2018 with new features that impact the way you access your games and Achievements, how you let your friends know whether you're available to play, and much more," Microsoft said in a post on the Xbox official site.

Exciting Things To Come

Among the highlighted feature jumps is the new Guide feature called "Next Achievements," which will permit players to preview and classify upcoming Achievements. In doing so, players can identify the Achievements nearest to them and launch the game to capture the targeted Achievements.

The feature will also include a form of sorting tools that will help to map out gameplay strategy and organize the Achievements by proximity, rarity, and game score data. In other words, Next Achievements is designed for players to obtain strategic advantage before plunging into action.

Another notable upgrade to come is the "Mini Game Hubs," which is another add-on to the Guide. When in use, the tool will allow players to return on previously played a game segment from the Hubs without the need to exit. The Hubs will also facilitate better interaction among players in the platform.

Upcoming too is the "Do Not Disturb" status that will stop the flow of notifications when activated. The feature is intended to provide alerts that one is unavailable for another game session or any other form of online activities.

More Gameplay, Quality Of Life Improvements

Likewise, Microsoft is looking to unpack more gameplay improvements and better quality of life for the Xbox community. The Comments section will be reconfigured to make it more engaging. For example, the planned redesign will make for easier browsing of the more recent comments plus the bonus of seeing the likes generated by members' posts.

Xbox engineers have also included more shutdown options in the soon to rollout update. The Inactivity Shutdown feature will soon include power down choices from one up to six hours of idle operation, which will be integrated into the Power Mode and Startup Menu.

When the update becomes official, the plan is to include a host of bug fixes for the multiple Xbox anomalies that currently are under investigation. Among them are game crashes and inaccurate RGB color rendering.

Microsoft said the beta testing of the firmware update is being implemented selectively, purportedly to measure players' interest and feedback prior to the feature bumps' final release.

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