Detective Pikachu Game Coming To US With Giant-Sized Amiibo


Detective Pikachu is finally making its way to the rest of the world. The game has received a release date for a number of different regions outside of Japan.

Nintendo announced that the episodic game will make its way to the United States and Europe on March 23, two years after its initial release in Japan. At the same time, the game will also release its second episode in Japan.

The 3DS title will include the already-released first chapter along with a never-before-seen second chapter. This will mark the first time an English-language version has been released for Detective Pikachu.

What Is 'Detective Pikachu'?

The title will star a talking Pikachu, who is also a detective, and his teenage human sidekick as they help out other Pokémon in need of assistance. The new release will be featured in both English and Japanese voice acting. There will also be subtitles in a few different languages, including German, Italian, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

It makes sense that Nintendo is bringing the game to other regions, as its first live-action movie adaptation of the game is currently in production. The Detective Pikachu movie will star Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the adorable rodent Pokémon. While Reynolds is a great choice, the internet has cried out for months that Danny Devito should voice the detective Pokémon.

There was a bit more news that should get players excited, as the game will launch with a new amiibo figure. This Detective Pikachu amiibo sports his detective hat and is actually a lot larger than the regular amiibo figures released.

The amiibo is seriously big, as the regular Pikachu amiibo is sized at 7.1 centimeters. This new supersized detective amiibo is 13.6 centimeters. Check out the size difference in Serebii’s tweet below, which shows the detective Pokémon standing next to the Super Smash Bros Pikachu:

Again, Detective Pikachu will be released in the west and in Europe in March. The second episode will release in Japan on that day as well. Nintendo has not revealed any news regarding preorders for the title or amiibo, so gamers will need to stay tuned.

Until the release, enjoy the first trailer of Detective Pikachu, which features English voices for both the Pokémon and his human sidekick, Tim.

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