The YouTube app for iOS is starting to get some kind of visual flair as some users report a new option for a dark mode, which is an option already available in the web version.

Last year YouTube launched a massive visual upgrade to its desktop site that included significant overhauls in terms of design, features, and overall presentation. Google redressed YouTube with its material design language, making YouTube more streamlined and easier to navigate.

Dark Theme Option Showing Up On YouTube For iOS

Along with those redesigns came a Dark Theme option, which was suspiciously absent from its Android and iOS apps for some reason. Until now, that is. The change was recently spotted by several users, who then reported it to the iPhone subreddit. Some users who have version 13.0.1 of the app installed on their iOS devices are already seeing the option, though others are not.

It remains unclear which YouTube app users have received the option thus far, which suggests a slow rollout, if anything. A number of Reddit users have already chimed in that they're seeing the option, too, along with the original poster.

How To Enable Dark Theme

To check if there's a Dark Theme option, check the app's Settings menu and look for a "Dark Theme" toggle located just above the "Restricted Mode" setting. Some users report that force-closing the app then relaunching it makes the option appear, so make sure to give that a try if Dark Theme doesn't show up the first time.

Dark Theme isn't a groundbreaking visual overhaul by any means, but it's still one of the most requested features from users. First of all, it looks pretty rad. Second, a darker theme can be easier on the eyes for people who'll navigate through the app at longer periods, especially when they're using their phones in a dimly-lit room. Too much white hurts the eyes.

As for non-iOS users, it's not clear whether Dark Theme is also coming to the Android version of YouTube, but it'll definitely arrive, that's for sure. Perhaps Google is simply testing whether users actually like having it before it proceeds to a wider launch.

Are you seeing a Dark Theme option on the YouTube app for iOS? How are you liking it so far? Do you think Google should also launch it for Android devices? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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