New Monster Hunter: World TV Trailer Confirms Kirin's Return


Ahead of the Monster Hunter: World release, a new TV promo has been revealed. This latest trailer shown in Japan has confirmed the return of another iconic character, Kirin.

This latest look for the Capcom title comes courtesy of YouTuber Sute Aka. The Unicorn-esque Elder Dragon comes after the revelation that Elder Dragons were going to have a huge presence in the upcoming title.

The video shows off the monster's abilities and its impressive toughness. It also gives some hope to players looking to take on the dragon. This is also the second video shown in a week's time that highlights the Coral Highlands map.

Check out the video below:

Who Is Kirin?

Kirin is one of the oldest monsters in the franchise, dating back to the original game in 2004. The Elder Dragon Kirin is an important monster in the franchise and is unique based on its classification and armor.

The Elder Dragon is in the same realm of power as Fatalis, Kushala Daora, Jhen Mohran, and more. The monster is capable of moving at incredible speeds and can even use a variety of lightning-based attacks, making it quite a powerful monster to battle.

When Will Monster Hunter Arrive?

Monster Hunter: World will launch worldwide Jan. 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is a PC release that will come in fall 2018.

This new Monster Hunter game is open-world, and like previous installments, players take on the role of a hunter. As a hunter, they will be tasked with hunting down monsters for the Research Commission to study the large creatures outside the communities' central base. The player's character does not have any intrinsic attributes, but instead, these are determined the character's equipment.

Meanwhile, in other Monster Hunter: World news, Capcom has revealed that continuous post-launch updates will arrive to players, bringing more weapons and monsters.

The gaming company said that the regular updates will start in spring 2018 and further gave details on the first update. In spring 2018, gamers will see the return of another fan-favorite monster, Deviljho. According to the company, the Deviljho “must feed constantly” and will devour anything in its path, even other larger monsters.

Furthermore, the full version of Monster Hunter: World will give PS4 players a chance to use an exclusive skin. Horizon: Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy will come as a playable character for users with the PlayStation console.

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