Hori's New Onyx Wireless Controller For PS4 Revealed


Sony announced its plans to add a new range of officially licensed controllers last October. The company has revealed more details on the latest addition, the Onyx Wireless Controller by Hori, which can work with all PlayStation 4 consoles, including the newly released PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Onyx Wireless Controller Looks Like Microsoft's Xbox One Controller

As far as the overall design, the Onyx Wireless Controller by Hori looks very similar to Microsoft's Xbox One Controllers and hardly compares to Sony's DualShock 4 Controller. The Onyx Wireless Controller features asymmetrical sticks, Bluetooth connectivity, dual vibration motors, a D-pad, and stylish design with a matte finish.

By adding a new range of licensed controllers by Hori, the company is making it easier for gamers to find a "controller that suits their unique play style," says Sony.

The Onyx controller isn't the first officially licensed range controllers Sony has added to its lineup. The company revealed Nacon and Razer's two new pro controllers for PS4 last December, along with a new kid-friendly mini gamepad for $30.

Sony's mini gamepad from Hori was made ideally for younger gamers around the world. Since it was designed for kids, the controller is about half the size of the DualShock 4. Though unlike other controllers, it's missing regular features such as a light bar, touch pad, motion sensing, speaker, and more.

When it comes to the Nacon Revolution, the controller looks similar to the layout on Microsoft's Xbox One controller when it comes to the placement of the thumbsticks. Razer's Raiju controller has two thumbsticks near the D-pad, similar to the DualShock 4. It also features audio controls for voice chat, two additional triggers, two configuration profiles, and bumpers on the back.

Hori's Onyx Wireless Controller Price And Release Date Details

We're not sure how much Hori's Wireless Controller will cost, but most likely around the same price as it's officially licensed controllers for Xbox One, which cost $40.

Though given that it's for Sony's PlayStation video game console, the controller may cost a little bit more than Xbox One. Expect these new controllers to cost anywhere from $60 to $90.

Initially, the Onyx controller is available to purchase in Europe on Amazon. There's been no mention of a U.S. release date, but hopefully we should be hearing more details about a U.S. launch soon.

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