Nike is bringing the world of gaming and fashion together with its latest collaboration from Oklahoma City Thunder player Paul George and PlayStation.

The new shoe called the PG-2 is the second-generation signature sneaker for NBA all-star George, but this time, he has decided to add a PlayStation console theme. The shoes colorway, tongues, and LED light-up make the sneakers resemble the PlayStation.

For those who don't know, George considers himself NBA's most avid gamer in the field and felt his second signature shoes needed to express his interest in gaming.

The shoes feature buttons on the inside of the tongue that allow wearers to turn the LED lights on and off. The shoe design also features the PlayStation logo and George Logo on either foot. There’s even a vibration feature that pulsates through the shoe when the LED light is turned on, similar to the PlayStation's DualShock controller.

According to reports, the batteries inside the PG-2 sneakers are replaceable and have a lifespan of 150 hours.

The PG-2s design is that of a PlayStation galaxy graphic on the sock liner. There is a voucher that will come with the sneakers to let PlayStation owners download a background that matches the shoes.

There’s even more to the shoes that resemble the console with the eyelets on the PG-2s that copy the look of the console controllers. The eyelets feature colors from the PlayStation controller with green, blue, pink, and purple.

Check out the shoes in the video below.


PlayStation fans and sneaker lovers have swarmed social media to show their love and support for the PlayStation and Nike PG-2 sneakers.

It has been an overwhelming show of support for the collaboration, which means these sneakers will likely sell out when they become available. Check out some of the reactions below:

Sneakerheads and gamers who are interested in picking up a pair of the PG-2’s will be able to grab them on Feb. 10 for $110.

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